Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday's Green Tip

Tuesday again? Well time for the Tuesday Green tip from me.

Today's tip is in response to one of my earlier posts regarding the use of cloth bags. (I know! I promised I would not post about my bags again but...) The question Candid Carrie had was if you do not use plastic bags at the grocery store then what do you use to throw out the cat littler?

Well Carrie here is your answer. Bio Bags. They are the first dog and cat poop bags that are 100% biodegradable. I have not used the bags because I do not have a cat or a dog, just trying to help Carrie be a bit more green.

Until next Tuesday...stay Green


Blarney said...

Aside from the bags ... I ran across a site that teaches you how to mix your own cleaning solution/s at home instead of buying an eco friendly cleaner. I am going to give them a try as my purchased non-eco friendly potions give out.

AFRo said...

Think that I could fine these at Wal Mart?

Candid Carrie said...

Alright, it is a dang good idea. But (and by now we all know that I have a big butt) how do I justify spending money on a product when I have free product at home to use to throw away my cat litter?

Seriously, I appreciate the shout out and the effort and if you want to buy these bags for me I will certainly use them but I equate it to buying a green tote to use for the grocery store when a person already has nineteen non green totes in their home.

Ann said...

Hey Hey!
This IS a good idea!
Thanks for sharing

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