Monday, March 31, 2008


I have a secret. I have no other way to say it then to just say it.

I am ALMOST 37 and I have a myspace page! Yikes! I made an account a little over a year ago and never did a thing with it. Not only because I had no time but because I had no idea what I was doing!!
I was riding my cousin in Montana to send my some pictures of her daughter, her response is "Get a myspace page"
So I resurrected mine from the grave and gave it an overhaul. I am addicted not as much I was in the past but it is fun!
Most of my "friends" on myspace are my cousins a few friends and some musicians. I only have 17 friends! I guess in the myspace world I might be considered a loser but I don't care, I love my page! I can keep in touch with my family, we are all scattered through out the country. I can look up people from high school and realize it was a moment in time i wish to not relive. I can keep tabs on my favorite rock stars and I can "meet" new people like this AWESOME photographer Brian Delaurenti, he is so incredible. You have to see his work.

I was recently talking to my mother who was in Montana visiting family and helping with my ageing grandparents, said to me
"I saw your myspace page, I can't believe all the snow you got" referring to one of my snow pictures. All I have to say is thanks A, I think she wants a myspace page! My mom on myspace, the thought sends shivers down my spine!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Star struck

DISCLAIMER: Names have been changed to protect the Innocent but events are accurate.

I have this wonderful friend, "Stacey", she is super sweet and I love her to death. One of the things that I love the most about her is her quirky obsessions with certain movie/TV stars and singers and reality TV shows, especially American Idol. This girl not only watchess American idol but she takes notes! I think i might save that for another blog, this one is going to be about how much she absolutely loves Pat Monahan. Who? The lead singer of Train.

She has gone to several Train concerts and most recently she saw Pat solo in Milwaukee with 2 other friends. For weeks she had planned, made her hair appointment 1 day before the concert so she looked more beautiful then she already is. She picked out the perfect clothes and was so so so excited she could hardly stand it.

The concert was held in a small concert hall, Pabst Theatre, yes after the legendary beer from Milwaukee. PBR me ASAP, not really but it's fun to say. They had front row seats, so this was going to be great!

My friend is not a big drinker so one drink and the girl is drunk, no lie. So why she drank 5 cocktails no one will ever know! Nerves, excitement? So they are all at the concert hall drinking away having and having a blast.

When they had arrived they figured out where their seats were and were able t keep an eye on them from the cocktail lounge. Stacey looks down and sees some one in her seat, Oh no way she thinks to herself and takes off like a bat out of hell waving her ticket in her hand. As she reaches the front, out a breath i am sure from the mad dash to claim what is rightfully hers, she screams out in a tone that I am sure was not so nice "Um you are in MY seat" and shows the lady her ticket. Just as Stacey waves her ticket in front of the lady does she realized the woman is in a wheel chair! Oh poor Stacey just put her head down and apologized and walked away slightly ashamed. Why do I say slightly? um, she was there to see the love of her life, Pat. The man she would leave it all behind for, even her hubby:) not really but dreams are healthy!

Anyway the concert start and my 3 friends are dancing away and some how some way after the concert actually met Pat and the band members! Not only met but partied with them. Stacey was in absolute heaven!!! The day after the concert I get a text message, a picture or her and Pat, which of course I no longer have. So in one night she humiliated her self by going off on a handicapped person and met the love of her life. Not bad for a girl who doesn't get out much!

Friday, March 28, 2008

What? Winter is over??

Boy was I SHOCKED when our winter storm watch was CANCELLED! Then even more shocked when not one flake fell from the sky. Thank you mother nature. I saw the forecast for next week and it's looking better! Could winter really be over?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's winter..I mean spring.

OK enough is enough I can no longer deal with what mother nature has bestowed upon us this winter. Here is the latest weather forecast copied and pasted directly from the Weather Channel.


Please oh pretty please mother nature stop it, enough! We know we live in Wisconsin but according to my calender it is spring. Did you not get that message? We already have had the worst winter in a century. I beg you!!! PLEASE!!! No more snow!

How about this for customer service!

Disclaimer: No blood was shed, no bones were broken but only because I was on the phone with India.

We now have AT&T U-verse for our TV and our Internet now since January 30th of this year. WE LOVE IT not only because we are saving like 70.00 a month but because it is great. We no longer have HBO but we have Showtime which has my new favorite show Dexter(it is not for the faint of heart). Dexter is a forensic blood splatter specialist and a serial killer. YES! But he only kills bad people so it is OK, not really but it is a great show! Anyway this is not about my weird obsession with serial killers, I am truly fascinated by them. Why are they so broken? What happened to them in their childhood that was so traumatic that it would turn an innocent child in to a killer. Again not about that. This is about the bill I got in the mail from Charter Communications, our old cable company.

I mentioned before we have new cable service, it has been 2 months now. The bill I got from them was for $329.23! Nope not a typo, yes THREE HUNDRED TWENTY NINE DOLLARS AND 23 CENTS! WTF??? Right that is what I said. So of course it must be a mistake, so I called 1-888-GET-CHARTER and get "Bob" in India. I tell "Bob" my story and amazingly enough I have to be transferred. Apparently that number that is everywhere is not the one I need to call?! Because I live in Wisconsin? So I again tell my story guess what? Wrong place again! So I am again transferred, again wrong place. I am not kidding you this went on 3 more times! No lie. Finally I get "Bart" in India. "Bart" is use less, still can't figure this out wants to transfer me AGAIN!! Says I am in the wrong place. I am getting supper mad by this point.

"DO NOT transfer me again"

"But mam, I can not help you I can not find your account"

"I have been transfer so many damn times now that I have lost count, I want your manager"

"But mam"


"Hold one second mam"

At this point it has been 35 minutes and still no answers, now I am on hold and this ass in India calling himself Bart who keeps calling me mam has put me on hold.

"Mam my manager is busy, I will transfer you to correct department"


Then Larry takes the phone out of my hand and starts yelling at Bart, not sure but I think the F word came out a lot, he scared me! But guess what? The Cable bill is in my name! Bart cannot talk to him about this, so Larry tells Bart his name is Susan Boeldt ! TOO TOO funny! Larry hands the phone back to me.

"Mam my manager is busy I will transfer you"


"OK mam"

ring tone!!!!

So after I sorta calmed down, I decided that I would go to the local Charter office and give them a piece of my mind the next day. Well I have been so busy lately and it is spring break that I called again today. Lets just say only transferred 3 times and in 20 minutes I had my answer.

When I canceled my cable which was BUNDLED with my Internet they decided to only turn off the TV, not the Internet! I was credited and I actually owed them money but only $43.67. That is so much better!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sassy commercials

What on earth are TV producers thinking? Here is the conversation I had with my 10 year old just last week.

T "Mom what are genital herpes?"

Me with my jaw on the ground "Hum lets look that one up on Wikipedia"

T "OK, great idea"

Me after reading definition "It is a cold sore on your private part, you don't really need to worry about it"

T " I know only adults can get it, do you have it?'

Me as I am about to run out of the room screaming " No honey I don't"

T "Does Dad?"

Me still wanting to run "No"

T "Well that's OK if you did, they make a medicine for it, I saw the commercial on TV"


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank You!

I have been so blessed as of late, seriously. I feel as if I should say Thank You to several people who have made my life more bearable during this ridiculously long winter.

First I would like to say Thank You to the wonderful person who smacked into my mini van in a parking lot, you rock! You were even so kind as to drive off, it is people like you that make this world beautiful. I know you drive a red truck or van. I will be looking for you to give you an appropriate thanks.

Thank You check out girl at Wal-Mart. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside when you rolled your eyes at me and said " Um you want me to put your groceries in here?" as you held up my cloth grocery bags with such charm that I knew right then and there that I will seek you out every time I shop at Wal-Mart. Customer service, ain't it grand? I know you appreciated it when I told my friend ,who I was on the phone with, that it takes 1,000 years for one bag to decompose. See you next week!

Thank you kind lady who gave me the middle finger, your number one in my book as well!!! Sorry that I could not turn into on coming traffic. I had my best friend with me, I love her and did not want to end her life by pulling out in front of a semi. I hope you did not mind the fact that I drove 5 miles under speed limit and "blocked" you in on the highway. I don't like to speed.

Thank You to my son's school. Can I tell you that Tony is SUPER excited to dress up like Pa Inglis and go to the Sheboygan historical museum. He just loves being in the spotlight. Thanks for making life so easy for me. I look forward to that day with such anticipation!

Thank You mother nature. I so appreciate you reminding us that we live in Wisconsin by dumping over 84 inches of snow on us this winter. Larry especially enjoyed the 45 minutes he spent every day for a month snow blowing, he most enjoyed it when it was -25 wind chill! Now as the snow melts we can go swimming in our back yard.

Last but not least I would like to thank OPEC. The thought of paying $4.00 a gallon for gas has me so giddy with anticipation I can hardly stand it!! It is especially great because I am a REALTOR and I drive every where for work. I don't think my children will mind being with out certain necessities, who needs food when you have love?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

So that's what's wrong with me!!!

I have been a bit forgetful lately. Well pretty much for the past 11 years to be exact. Ever since I was pregnant with Tony. It all is one big fuzzy ball in my head. Giving birth, baby music classes, swim classes and baby sign language classes then 5 years later repeat all that with Seth. It seriously seems like it all took place in the same year! Well they now have name for it- momnesia! Yep it's a real thing and apparently not so rare. I could not be more thrilled! I now can put a name to my affliction that I thought was simply called lack of sleep. But it can be good news they say. The less sleep you get the harder your brain has to work thus you are giving your brain a workout! Awesome! I am so on my way to being a genius! So now that I know that I will be OK I have to wonder what Larry has?

momnesia- the state of the female brain that is a bit forgetful after she has given birth.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here's to you Farve

Thank You Brett Farve for all the good memories.

As I sit here and write this I am still in disbelief that you will no longer wear #4 for the Packers and we will never see you throw another touch down! My children are heart broken, you are the only quarter back they have ever known and because of you they LOVE football and I am thankful for that!

We have witnessed your highest moments and your lowest and yet you came through like a true man. You admitted defeat and took you addiction head on and over came it to continue to be the best quarterback EVER! When your father died you played for him and we all knew it, we felt it. You brought the pride back to Green Bay and were an important part of bringing the Lombardi trophy home. You put on a brave face when your wife was diagonised with breast cancer, we all prayed for your family as if it were our own. You have broken pretty much every record set by past quarterback greats. You are a legand and true sports hero, we will miss you tremondisouly.

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