Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How about this for customer service!

Disclaimer: No blood was shed, no bones were broken but only because I was on the phone with India.

We now have AT&T U-verse for our TV and our Internet now since January 30th of this year. WE LOVE IT not only because we are saving like 70.00 a month but because it is great. We no longer have HBO but we have Showtime which has my new favorite show Dexter(it is not for the faint of heart). Dexter is a forensic blood splatter specialist and a serial killer. YES! But he only kills bad people so it is OK, not really but it is a great show! Anyway this is not about my weird obsession with serial killers, I am truly fascinated by them. Why are they so broken? What happened to them in their childhood that was so traumatic that it would turn an innocent child in to a killer. Again not about that. This is about the bill I got in the mail from Charter Communications, our old cable company.

I mentioned before we have new cable service, it has been 2 months now. The bill I got from them was for $329.23! Nope not a typo, yes THREE HUNDRED TWENTY NINE DOLLARS AND 23 CENTS! WTF??? Right that is what I said. So of course it must be a mistake, so I called 1-888-GET-CHARTER and get "Bob" in India. I tell "Bob" my story and amazingly enough I have to be transferred. Apparently that number that is everywhere is not the one I need to call?! Because I live in Wisconsin? So I again tell my story guess what? Wrong place again! So I am again transferred, again wrong place. I am not kidding you this went on 3 more times! No lie. Finally I get "Bart" in India. "Bart" is use less, still can't figure this out wants to transfer me AGAIN!! Says I am in the wrong place. I am getting supper mad by this point.

"DO NOT transfer me again"

"But mam, I can not help you I can not find your account"

"I have been transfer so many damn times now that I have lost count, I want your manager"

"But mam"


"Hold one second mam"

At this point it has been 35 minutes and still no answers, now I am on hold and this ass in India calling himself Bart who keeps calling me mam has put me on hold.

"Mam my manager is busy, I will transfer you to correct department"


Then Larry takes the phone out of my hand and starts yelling at Bart, not sure but I think the F word came out a lot, he scared me! But guess what? The Cable bill is in my name! Bart cannot talk to him about this, so Larry tells Bart his name is Susan Boeldt ! TOO TOO funny! Larry hands the phone back to me.

"Mam my manager is busy I will transfer you"


"OK mam"

ring tone!!!!

So after I sorta calmed down, I decided that I would go to the local Charter office and give them a piece of my mind the next day. Well I have been so busy lately and it is spring break that I called again today. Lets just say only transferred 3 times and in 20 minutes I had my answer.

When I canceled my cable which was BUNDLED with my Internet they decided to only turn off the TV, not the Internet! I was credited and I actually owed them money but only $43.67. That is so much better!

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Anonymous said...

OMG...I had the WORST experience with Charter. They were billing me after I had moved out of my apartment....no gas, elec or phone...but apparently I was watching cable??? They actually tried to BARTER with me on the bill. I had to contact the BBB.
Anyway, I'm glad you like AT&T Uverse....its not in my area yet, but as soon as it is I want to do the bundle thing too....

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