Saturday, March 29, 2008

Star struck

DISCLAIMER: Names have been changed to protect the Innocent but events are accurate.

I have this wonderful friend, "Stacey", she is super sweet and I love her to death. One of the things that I love the most about her is her quirky obsessions with certain movie/TV stars and singers and reality TV shows, especially American Idol. This girl not only watchess American idol but she takes notes! I think i might save that for another blog, this one is going to be about how much she absolutely loves Pat Monahan. Who? The lead singer of Train.

She has gone to several Train concerts and most recently she saw Pat solo in Milwaukee with 2 other friends. For weeks she had planned, made her hair appointment 1 day before the concert so she looked more beautiful then she already is. She picked out the perfect clothes and was so so so excited she could hardly stand it.

The concert was held in a small concert hall, Pabst Theatre, yes after the legendary beer from Milwaukee. PBR me ASAP, not really but it's fun to say. They had front row seats, so this was going to be great!

My friend is not a big drinker so one drink and the girl is drunk, no lie. So why she drank 5 cocktails no one will ever know! Nerves, excitement? So they are all at the concert hall drinking away having and having a blast.

When they had arrived they figured out where their seats were and were able t keep an eye on them from the cocktail lounge. Stacey looks down and sees some one in her seat, Oh no way she thinks to herself and takes off like a bat out of hell waving her ticket in her hand. As she reaches the front, out a breath i am sure from the mad dash to claim what is rightfully hers, she screams out in a tone that I am sure was not so nice "Um you are in MY seat" and shows the lady her ticket. Just as Stacey waves her ticket in front of the lady does she realized the woman is in a wheel chair! Oh poor Stacey just put her head down and apologized and walked away slightly ashamed. Why do I say slightly? um, she was there to see the love of her life, Pat. The man she would leave it all behind for, even her hubby:) not really but dreams are healthy!

Anyway the concert start and my 3 friends are dancing away and some how some way after the concert actually met Pat and the band members! Not only met but partied with them. Stacey was in absolute heaven!!! The day after the concert I get a text message, a picture or her and Pat, which of course I no longer have. So in one night she humiliated her self by going off on a handicapped person and met the love of her life. Not bad for a girl who doesn't get out much!

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