Thursday, March 6, 2008

So that's what's wrong with me!!!

I have been a bit forgetful lately. Well pretty much for the past 11 years to be exact. Ever since I was pregnant with Tony. It all is one big fuzzy ball in my head. Giving birth, baby music classes, swim classes and baby sign language classes then 5 years later repeat all that with Seth. It seriously seems like it all took place in the same year! Well they now have name for it- momnesia! Yep it's a real thing and apparently not so rare. I could not be more thrilled! I now can put a name to my affliction that I thought was simply called lack of sleep. But it can be good news they say. The less sleep you get the harder your brain has to work thus you are giving your brain a workout! Awesome! I am so on my way to being a genius! So now that I know that I will be OK I have to wonder what Larry has?

momnesia- the state of the female brain that is a bit forgetful after she has given birth.

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Anonymous said...

I knew there was something to this..I call it "mommy brain". But I believe we are supposed to recover from it....I still haven't though.

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