Monday, September 21, 2009

ReBinder Review and Giveaway!!!

I adore all things green, this is no secret but there is something I adore just as much as green and school supplies! So when I had the opportunity to review recycled office/school supplies from ReBinder at the Sustainable Group I was giddy like a school girl! Seriously I was.

I was sent the Back to School Kit, here is what it includes.

(1) 1.5” ReBinder recycled 3 ring binder
(2) ReBinder replacement covers
(6) RePouch recycled slash pocket dividers
(6) RePocket eco-friendly pocket folders
(2) ReWrite 5x8 recycled notebooks with lined paper
(2) ReWrite 8x10 recycled notebooks with graph paper
(2) ReWrite 8x10 recycled notebooks with blank paper
(3) ReMark eco-pens
(6) ReSleeve recycled CD sleeves
(3) RePlay recycled CD cases

I love the fact that the 3 ring binder metal part can be reused. When your binder gets beat up and worn and no longer usable you simply unscrew the metal parts and attach to their replacement cover and like magic you have a new 3 ring binder! The names are fun as well- ReWrite for the pens, ReWrite for the notebooks, ReSleve for the CD cases get it? Nifty isn't it?

My oldest son is in 6th grade and was more then happy to take the graphing paper, the notebook with the blank paper, most of the pocket folders, the 3 ring binder and I would only let him take 1 pen! Mean I know but I can be that way like I said I love office supplies! I was also able to snag the lined notebooks and the CD selves. My hubby grabbed the CD cases. So far we have been impressed! The note books are very sturdy, more so then most and the 3 ring binder and been personalized with the drawings of a 6th grader, to him that is the coolest thing. He said it was like a blank canvas and all notebooks and binders should be plain.

Here is some information from the companies web site:

Everyone has an impact on our earth. At Sustainable Group we take a leadership role in environmental stewardship. When used for Sales & Marketing, Events & Training or simply every day internal use, our innovative, durable and practical products raise both brand and environmental awareness while helping responsible organizations to reduce solid waste and lower their carbon footprint.

Together, our customers have saved:

Millions of pounds of greenhouse gases
Millions of gallons of water
Tens of thousands of trees
Tens of billions of BTUs of energy
Hundreds of tons of solid waste

Sustainable Group was started in 2003 with a triumphant goal of creating an alternative to those nasty vinyl binders and CD jewel cases that cannot be recycled.

Now for the good news! ReBinder is providing 2 of you with their Back to School Kit! How fun is that??

How to enter:

-Visit ReBinder and tell me what else you would be interested in trying- You must do this or all other entries will be void.

Extra entries-comment for each

-Follow me on Twitter and tweet this giveaway-make sure you leave link in comment

-Follow ReBinder on Twitter

-Follow me on Google Friend Connect

-Follow me on Networked blogs-2 extra entries (leave 2 comments)

The Rules:

Open to US residents only. Giveaway will end on Tuesday October 6th at 11:59 PM. Winner will be chosen by random number integer and will be contacted by email so please if I can not contact you through your blog or you don't have one leave your email! Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Thank you and good luck!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eating Right Kids-Review

I recently had the opportunity to try a new line of food for children from Safeway called Eating Right Kids. Safeway joined up with Warner Brothers to provide meals, snacks, cereals and juices you children will love and you feel good about giving. What makes this "groundbreaking" is the new Eating Right Kids line is the first broad product line to feature entertainment characters and be dedicated solely to a better for you eating philosophy. I do wish more companies would use this philosophy, children love to eat foods that have their favorite cartoon character on the box and most of the products that do have characters on them are far from healthy.

Not only are my children VERY picky as heck but we are very careful about what we feed them. We are not a house that has "fruit snacks", snack cakes, chips or candy. Don't get me wrong we do not deprive our children of these things we just very rarely have them in the house. So the fact that my children not only loved everything they tried but both of them asking for me to buy the Mixed Fruit Chewy Bars was a true miracle! A short lived one, as we do not have a Safeway in my area!

Here is what the boys tried:

Eating Right Kids Fruit cup-Mixed Fruit

Eating Right Kids 100% Juice- Apple

Eating Right Kids Chewy Bars-Mixed Berry

Eating Right Kids Whole Wheat Mini Ravioli with Beef

I would have taken a picture but as soon as I opened the box the children attacked and grabbed what they wanted. They had just gotten off the school bus and were "starving to death"

I packed the Ravioli in my older sons lunch the next day, he asked me to get more!

I would like to thank Team Mom, Safeway and Warner Brothers for this opportunity.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Future Lawyer?

A few nights ago I received a request from my 6 year old "Mommy, can we have McDonald's for dinner tonight? PLEASE"
My response "No honey we are grilling out tonight, dinner has been planned, maybe another time"
(We are not big fast food people, in fact I prefer to never go there and our oldest REFUSES to eat it. He knows it is not good for you!)
Well he was not going to take that answer "I will ask Daddy then, he will take me"
I responded with "go right ahead but I can bet he says no as well"
Just as predicted the answer was no and my child was not happy
About 15 minutes later I noticed he was on the couch and looked sad. "What's wrong?" I asked his response was "This is just the worst day ever in my whole life" I asked "Why do you say that?" He responds with "I can't have MC Donald's and you are mean"
A few minutes later I ask him to help daddy shuck the answer...I ask again. Then he comes running "I have an idea! I will shuck the corn if you take me to McDonald's!"
Again I say "No, I am not going to make that deal. How about you shuck the corn because I asked you to and you love me?"
"Nope, you are the meanest mom in the world"
was his answer to that.
I know, I am the WORST! How dare I deprive my child of greasy chemical packed food, please don't judge me!
He comes back a few minutes later with the dollar bill the tooth fairy left him "I have money, I will pay for my own McDonald's"
"A dollar will not get you a Happy Meal"
I say.
Then I see it, a glimmer in his eye, I know he is going to try another angle and yep he does.
"How about we have McDonald's for dessert?"
UGH! He would not give up AT.ALL. This went on for about 30 minutes, I am thinking he might make a good attorney! What do you think?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is there a punch line?

I flew back east this summer to attended my 20 year class reunion in Connecticut. Instead of flying into Hartford I flew into White Plains for many reasons that I will get into in another post. If you have EVER been to White Plains you know it is right on the Connecticut border where Martha Stewart, Regis Philbin and I am sure MANY more of the rich and famous live. The airport is tiny but not with out an airports eclectic group of people.

I had just said good bye to my friend and I was crying, we had such a good time and I could not believe it was over and I was going to miss her. I was trying like hell to stop when I looked up and saw a gentleman dressed in all black with tattoos all over and LONG fingernails painted black. He was on the phone and talking rather loudly. He was on the phone with his fiancee, he was on his way to get married. He was dropping the f bombs ALL OVER THE PLACE and people were noticing. FINALLY he hung up with his lovely bride to be and the lady next to him stated to engage in conversation. I learned she was from Jamaica and was a true believer in God, she was not shy about telling anyone who would listen, including the man in all black.

Well it turns out he worships the devil, yep he said it, out loud, denounced God in front of a tiny terminal filled with people. Then a Hasidic Jewish man sits down next to the man in black. He is VERY quiet but I can tell he is listening and I am sure FREAKING out at what is going on!

Well Miss Jamaica keeps telling the man in all black how sorry she feels for him and asks what in his child hood made him turn away from the Lord. He did not have an answer but said he was respectful of others beliefs and he was not going to judge her, funny right? They talk for a while, she kept saying "May the Lord Jesus bless your marriage" I swear like 10 times. Then out of nowhere he starts going off about Michael Jackson like just because the woman is of color she knows him personally. He kept going on and on and on and on, it was too much! FINALLY my flight was called to board! I wonder how the rest of that conversation went.

Guess what? I took pictures! YEP I did. The woman next to me was laughing as I did it! I am sassy so here in 2 pictures is the story!

This was before the full conversation....

This is the Hasidic Jewish man during conversation!

A devil worshiper, a God fearing Jamican and a Hasidic Jew....but no puch line!

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