Friday, September 11, 2009

Future Lawyer?

A few nights ago I received a request from my 6 year old "Mommy, can we have McDonald's for dinner tonight? PLEASE"
My response "No honey we are grilling out tonight, dinner has been planned, maybe another time"
(We are not big fast food people, in fact I prefer to never go there and our oldest REFUSES to eat it. He knows it is not good for you!)
Well he was not going to take that answer "I will ask Daddy then, he will take me"
I responded with "go right ahead but I can bet he says no as well"
Just as predicted the answer was no and my child was not happy
About 15 minutes later I noticed he was on the couch and looked sad. "What's wrong?" I asked his response was "This is just the worst day ever in my whole life" I asked "Why do you say that?" He responds with "I can't have MC Donald's and you are mean"
A few minutes later I ask him to help daddy shuck the answer...I ask again. Then he comes running "I have an idea! I will shuck the corn if you take me to McDonald's!"
Again I say "No, I am not going to make that deal. How about you shuck the corn because I asked you to and you love me?"
"Nope, you are the meanest mom in the world"
was his answer to that.
I know, I am the WORST! How dare I deprive my child of greasy chemical packed food, please don't judge me!
He comes back a few minutes later with the dollar bill the tooth fairy left him "I have money, I will pay for my own McDonald's"
"A dollar will not get you a Happy Meal"
I say.
Then I see it, a glimmer in his eye, I know he is going to try another angle and yep he does.
"How about we have McDonald's for dessert?"
UGH! He would not give up AT.ALL. This went on for about 30 minutes, I am thinking he might make a good attorney! What do you think?


Teri said...

I wonder why kids can be so focused when they want something they just can't have. I wish my son would put this much energy into getting his homework done.

caseycolette said...

LOL! sound JUST like my little girl!

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