Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eating Right Kids-Review

I recently had the opportunity to try a new line of food for children from Safeway called Eating Right Kids. Safeway joined up with Warner Brothers to provide meals, snacks, cereals and juices you children will love and you feel good about giving. What makes this "groundbreaking" is the new Eating Right Kids line is the first broad product line to feature entertainment characters and be dedicated solely to a better for you eating philosophy. I do wish more companies would use this philosophy, children love to eat foods that have their favorite cartoon character on the box and most of the products that do have characters on them are far from healthy.

Not only are my children VERY picky as heck but we are very careful about what we feed them. We are not a house that has "fruit snacks", snack cakes, chips or candy. Don't get me wrong we do not deprive our children of these things we just very rarely have them in the house. So the fact that my children not only loved everything they tried but both of them asking for me to buy the Mixed Fruit Chewy Bars was a true miracle! A short lived one, as we do not have a Safeway in my area!

Here is what the boys tried:

Eating Right Kids Fruit cup-Mixed Fruit

Eating Right Kids 100% Juice- Apple

Eating Right Kids Chewy Bars-Mixed Berry

Eating Right Kids Whole Wheat Mini Ravioli with Beef

I would have taken a picture but as soon as I opened the box the children attacked and grabbed what they wanted. They had just gotten off the school bus and were "starving to death"

I packed the Ravioli in my older sons lunch the next day, he asked me to get more!

I would like to thank Team Mom, Safeway and Warner Brothers for this opportunity.

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