Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is there a punch line?

I flew back east this summer to attended my 20 year class reunion in Connecticut. Instead of flying into Hartford I flew into White Plains for many reasons that I will get into in another post. If you have EVER been to White Plains you know it is right on the Connecticut border where Martha Stewart, Regis Philbin and I am sure MANY more of the rich and famous live. The airport is tiny but not with out an airports eclectic group of people.

I had just said good bye to my friend and I was crying, we had such a good time and I could not believe it was over and I was going to miss her. I was trying like hell to stop when I looked up and saw a gentleman dressed in all black with tattoos all over and LONG fingernails painted black. He was on the phone and talking rather loudly. He was on the phone with his fiancee, he was on his way to get married. He was dropping the f bombs ALL OVER THE PLACE and people were noticing. FINALLY he hung up with his lovely bride to be and the lady next to him stated to engage in conversation. I learned she was from Jamaica and was a true believer in God, she was not shy about telling anyone who would listen, including the man in all black.

Well it turns out he worships the devil, yep he said it, out loud, denounced God in front of a tiny terminal filled with people. Then a Hasidic Jewish man sits down next to the man in black. He is VERY quiet but I can tell he is listening and I am sure FREAKING out at what is going on!

Well Miss Jamaica keeps telling the man in all black how sorry she feels for him and asks what in his child hood made him turn away from the Lord. He did not have an answer but said he was respectful of others beliefs and he was not going to judge her, funny right? They talk for a while, she kept saying "May the Lord Jesus bless your marriage" I swear like 10 times. Then out of nowhere he starts going off about Michael Jackson like just because the woman is of color she knows him personally. He kept going on and on and on and on, it was too much! FINALLY my flight was called to board! I wonder how the rest of that conversation went.

Guess what? I took pictures! YEP I did. The woman next to me was laughing as I did it! I am sassy so here in 2 pictures is the story!

This was before the full conversation....

This is the Hasidic Jewish man during conversation!

A devil worshiper, a God fearing Jamican and a Hasidic Jew....but no puch line!

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Blarney said...

Sometimes I wonder if people say things just to spite others. Just goes to prove there are crazy people everywhere ... you can't escape them no matter which airport you're in! :O

Marya said...

I was expecting you to say the black fingernail guy was Marilyn Manson.

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