Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sporty's Baseball DVD review and giveaway

A few weeks ago I witnessed my 5 year old in the back yard throwing a baseball in the air and trying to hit it with the bat, he was unsuccessful. I will admit I know nothing about the sport of baseball and my son was showing an interest. Then the most amazing thing happened I was given to opportunity to review Sporty's Baseball DVD and of course I jumped at it! The timing could not have been more perfect!

Their web site says "Sporty's will educate kids on the fundamentals of baseball in a fun and entertaining way" and that is the TRUTH! It also teaches the importance of teamwork which I personally thought was the best part of the DVD.

I will admit I only watched 15 minutes of it but my 5 year old and 11 year watched all of it and they both found it to be quite entertaining. My 5 year old asked to watch it again today.

When I asked my 5 year old what he thought the best part of the DVD was he said "The talking baseball Stitch, he told you what was going on" He said he also liked the characters names with Lefty, Righty and Nails being his favorite. I was impressed that it kept his attention. My 11 year old said "I learned some things I did not know, now I am ready to go to a Milwaukee Brewers game and I will know exactly what is going on! "

There is also a coach at home part to the DVD that I am going to watch so I can help my 5 year old hit that darn ball!!

Would you like to win your very own copy of Sporty's Baseball DVD? I have one up for grabs!

There are of course some rules!

First you must do this in order for all other entries to be valid. I will delete all entries that do not comply. Visit The Sporty's web site and leave a comment about something you found interesting, it can be anything!

Now for other entries-leave a comment for each you do!!!

-Follow me on Twitter and Tweet this contest and leave link in comment

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-Place my button on your blog

Contest is open to USA and Canada. If you do not have a way for me to contact you through your blog PLEASE leave your email in comment, I will need a way to contact you if you are the winner. Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM on Monday June 8th, winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks and good luck!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

RECYCLE ME t-shirt review and giveaway

I LOVE all things green, this is no secret so when I had the opportunity to review an Organic Cotton t-shirt for my son I was thrilled!

RECYCLE ME t-shirts have to be one of the softest most comfortable T-shirt my son says he has ever worn! I love the fact that they are made in the USA with 100% organic cotton, meaning the cotton was grown with out the use of pesticides and water based inks and dyes.

As you can see the t-shirts have great sayings on them like "ECO BABY" "I AM GREEN" there is a shirt for each member of the family including infants and Vampire fans!

What I really like about this particular company is their history.

From their web site:
In February of 2008 the four partners, Alix, Kim, Mike and Hector, friends who grew up together in the Chicago neighborhood of Andersonville, got together to talk about starting a business.
What we came up with was a great green business! That first night, Alix, a lifelong environmentalist, had a vision: design and sell 100% organic cotton t-shirts with simple, catchy environmental phrases. The idea was to sell at local Chicago fests, meet fellow Chicagoans and talk to them about organic cotton, developing a lasting relationship that will lead to a greener Chicago and a successful green business. In this way, we thought, we can do something good for ourselves, our families, our city, and the environment.

Six weeks later we opened for business at the first outdoor festival of the season: Earth Day! That was a very special moment for us, to officially begin on such an important day. And how cool it was to find organic cotton grown and sewn in the USA.

And what a ride it has been! We have learned so much and have more to learn. And we want to share what we have learned with you. We are excited to offer t-shirts we really feel good about and we want to expand our line and grow our business. This is just the beginning. We sincerely hope you join us along the way
I just love that fact that a group of childhood friends got together and opened a small business.
Would you like to win one? Then I have some GREAT news for you...I have one to give away! This is for a child's t-shirt your choice of size 2T-12 youth!
So here are the rules....
Open to US only, if you do not have a way for me to contact you through your blog or do not have a blog please leave your email. I will need a way to contact you if you win!!
Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to respond or another will be chosen.
YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST FOR ALL OTHER ENTRIES WILL BE DELETED! Go to RECYCLE ME's web site and take a look around and tell me what you like!
Other ways to enter comment for each you do:
-Follow me on blogger
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-Grab my button
Winner will be choose by random number generator on Friday June 5th at 11:59 PM
Thank you and good luck!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apparently you did not read my letters...

Dear Brett,

I am going to assume that you did not read the last TWO letters I wrote to you here and here . I just want to tell you just one more time just how I feel about your indecisiveness. WHAT THE HELL DUDE!! GIVE IT UP!!! The Jet's no longer feel you have it in you and now you are going to have surgery so you can play with the Vikings, are you kidding me??? I swear you retired again. Maybe you have had one too many concussions and you are not thinking clearly. Let me spell it out for are rich, VERY RICH you do not need to have to option to retire do it so some young lad who does not have a pot to piss in can live his dream like you have lived yours!

I just don't get you AT ALL. You had fans WONDERFUL CARING LOYAL had the reputation as a great guy. You broke records so many of are headed to the hall of fame for sure. You did all of this in Green Bay, we truly loved you Brett, now we just think you are an ass. You are ruining it for yourself. People are going to talk about you years from now here is how I imagine one of those conversations...

Person A "That Brett Farve sure was a great football player"

Person B "Brett Farve isn't he that football player who couldn't make up his mind about retiring?"

Person A "Yes but he was a great player"

Person B "But all I can remember him for is not being able to make up his mind and what a joke he turned out to be"

Person A "Ya you are right kind of reminds me of the whole Michale Jordon thing; trying to hold on to his youth past his peak. Brett must have had one too many blows to the head"

So once again my advice to you Brett is to RETIRE then take Deanna and the kids on a long vacation, I am sure they would love to spend some time with you. You are making your fans or your ex-fans if a little nauseous with all this should I shouldn't I stuff, it is enough already!!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let me explain...

my absence. Life has gotten in the way of blogging AGAIN! I know how dare my children, my job and my husband come first? I struggle with that daily! LOL

So here is a recap of my past weeks...hold on they have been crazy...

Lets start with the most important thing that happened...big guy won the Presidential Award for Academic excellence...we are beaming with pride. He looked so handsome in his shirt and tie which by they way he did not wear willingly..a little bribe of Cold Stone Creamery goes a long way in our house! :)

Work..oh is picking up I have been super busy but I think I have lost my love for Real Estate...CRAP I know what am I going to do? I did write an offer and I think it was accepted...there are some isues and one of my listings might get an offer.....AWESOME right? I should be happy but I could care less...WTH is going on with me? This is frustrating me...I need to find my groove AGAIN! This is not the first time it has escaped me but I have always been able to capture it quite quickly but this time..... I think it may have to do with one thing that of course I will not write about....I am a professional but some times...some people....

My 20 year class reunion is coming up in June...20 years...still freaks me out a bit. I am on the reunion committee...we are of last week we were still trying to track down classmates...we were missing a few and I was on the phone with a former classmate and we get to one name. A boy I dated...she go stomach felt funny I knew what she was about to say "He died" I was in shock, still am as I found out he was murdered. I will not go into details but it was not a pleasant way to go. I pray he found peace. It is weird how I did not want him to be at the reunion as we did not always have good times but his presence I know will be missed. I am however very excited to go back to Connecticut, it has been a long time and I miss it. It is going to be a very busy 5 days. I am going to visit with family that I have not seen in YEARS!! I am SO EXCITED to see them. Then it will be off to Litchfield for the reunion all this with my best friend from high school...NO we are not bringing our husbands! We are going to have a good time for sure!

Then we had sickness.....big guy had strep throat then a weird 24 hour bug....poor guy, he missed his first school dance and cried. I felt so bad for him but assured him there will be plenty other dances. He is getting so big...they had the "talk" at school, I asked him about it. He got all weird and said "Sam(not real name) and I looked at each other and were like NO WAY!! It was weird" I directed him to his father if he had any questions. Then a few days ago we are leaving school he hops into the Pathfinder and a group of 5th grade girls walk by and say "Cool car Tony" and they all giggled and he turned red and I died a little bit inside.

There was much more going on during my absence but I am tired and it is late...I have babbled enough for tonight!

I have a ton of reviews and a few giveaways to post! I will be doing this next week, I have scheduled blogging into my schedule. So enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will see you next week!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Winners of ECOBAGS and SimaG Necklace

Hi all it has been crazy over here in my world....I am sorry I have not announced winners earlier! They have been emailed and I am waiting for their replies.

Winners of the ECO BAGS Classic string giveaway...

#24 Alison said...
The beach tote is pretty cute!

#13 Meredith said...

Winner of hand stamped necklace

#78 justicecw said...

I am a follower.

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