Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Are you or aren't you?

Dear Brett,

What the hell is your problem? You "retire" and then a few months later rumor is you want to come back and play football? Nope sorry, you made your decision now stick with it boy! Please don't get me wrong I LOVE YOU, I do but it is time, you said so your self, remember? I do. I cried, I was heart broken. My oldest son cried, he loves you too, my hubby even had tears in his eyes.

We have watched you grow from a spunky awkward young man to a distinguished confident older man, and boy did you grow. You proved you had nothing to prove. But YOU RETIRED and now we have a new quarterback Aaron Rodgers, remember him? Yeah he is your REPLACEMENT, not your student any more. It is time to let go Brett, you will be missed by all but you need to stop playing these games, we cannot take it. Go take Deanna to Europe for a while, spend time with your girls. If you miss football that much come back to Green Bay as a coach, that sounds like it would be fun doesn't it?

Now for the you "might play for another team" talk, one in our league none the less. You a Bear, a Viking or even a Lion? Are you friggin kidding me? Oh no you don't! The thought makes me want to throw up, seriously it does. There will be none of that going on. I love watching you play football but to see you in anything other then a Packer uniform would be like knives in my heart and just might kill me.



SabrinaT said...

My husband was just ranting about this!

Toni said...

Hahahha I Love it! I am posting this in my midweek blog shout out!

Teri said...

I love Brett, and I also don't know what to think of this.

Wendi said...

LOL!!! well no matter what I will always love Brett!! and if he comes back and the packers don't want him....then...hey THEIR loss...and I will reserve my judgement of Aaron until the season cannot say he will suck until you actually see him play a few games...which we have not seen brett, do what your HEART desires, and if it is a comeback then go for it...

Heidi said...

I hate it when they do that. Just go play golf somewhere & enjoy your arthritic bones and autograph signings.

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