Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why I LOVE Montana

I love Montana for several reasons. Not only is it a BEAUTIFUL place but allot of my family lives there. My Ciocia Eva (Aunt in Polish) lives there with her family. My AWESOME cousin Melissa lives there and last but not least my Babcia and Dzia Dzia(grandma and grandpa in polish)are there now!
I just got back from a wonderful trip and was able to see my whole family except my little bro the Officer in the Coast Guard because well...he is at a new job and could not get off.

My cousin Alina got married and it was perfect timing as we just found out that Dzia Dzia who just celebrated his 87th birthday and 60 years of marriage is dying. It was so nice to be around that much family even though there was so much drama going on!

Certain family members have a way of making everything about them regardless of the situation! There were a few F bombs going off when I was telling someone about a certain someones selfish behavior. You should have seen me. Standing on the street in Billings waving my finger and every other word was F, I actually shocked myself! I try not to swear but it is a lot easier to do when your children are not around and when everyone else does! It is a BAD habit!

We went out for Alina's bachlorette party and that was a fun time! I met a street vendor selling Sheboygan Brats. In case you did not know I live in Sheboygan so that was interesting! But the most interesting thing that happened that night was to my cousin poor friend, cute girl, nice girl who now lives in Vegas. While some cute boy was buying us all drinks in hopes that one of us was single, none of us are. Anyway some nasty looking chick came up and said to her "Did you sleep with my boyfriend in Vegas?"

Cute girl, nice girl heard "do you live in Vegas?" So she said yes!!! Well the next thing I see is cute girl nice girl getting a full beer poured over her head! Then nasty chick ran out of the bar, smart girl. Then all 9 of us slowly get up to find nasty girl and we are all ready to kick her butt!Yes I would have smacked her and trust me when I say I am a lover not a fighter but that was way out of control!! Cute girl nice girl had no idea who nasty chick was let alone who her boyfriend is!! Well the cops came and nasty chick got kicked out of the bar. We did run into her again but she was smart and left the bar in fear that she would get her ass kicked!
The wedding was fun and was the rest of the trip! I ate wild Buffalo, one my uncle hunted and it was so good!!!

All the cousins minus little bro

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