Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday's Green Tip

It is Tuesday and that means it it time for my Tuesday Green tip.

Picture this..your children are doing an art project. They are cutting up paper and gluing their shapes onto paper. The project is too cute but now you are left with all those little scraps of paper. Do you throw them away? NO!!! Here is what you can do with the scraps.

Put the paper in a blender with some water and turn it on. Be careful not to make it too watery and don't blend it too much.

Next take the pulp mixture and pour it into a framed screen. If you do not have a framed screen make one. It is so simple. Make a frame out of wood and staple a screen around it.

OK so you have poured the mixture, best to do it over a sink for obvious reasons. Tap the screen to make sure you get out all the water you can. Place the screen on a towel and press out remaining water. I use a small rolling pin. Remove from towel and let the it dry and you have paper again!

It looks so cool!!!! You can use it for making homemade cards or gift tags or whatever you can think of.

Until next Tuesday..keep it GREEN!!!


scargosun said...

That IT cool! I need to remember that. I know someone that saved dryer lint for the same porpose. It sounds gross but if you think about it, it's clean and mostly cotton.

Heather said...

I've heard of doing this! I'm so going to try it!!

AFRo said...

How do you know if it's too watery or if you've blended too much!?! I'm no good at this stuff, I need specifics or pictures if it's not too much trouble? Please?

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