Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am related to someone famous!!!

Yep I have a famous relative, 2 in fact! I don't talk about them much, I do not want to seem like I am bragging or name dropping. My beautiful cousin married a famous man and now they are famous together. Some of you I am sure have never heard of them and that is OK. The ones that have when they find out FREAK out because they love them! They are not movie stars or TV stars, they are rock stars!

Bet you are wondering who they are huh? Let me go on a bit...

I have very fond memories of going to Rhode Island to visit my Aunt and Uncle. They were/are such a neat family and they welcomed me and my brother with open arms.(they are my step fathers relatives but he adopted me so I guess he is not my step father but my father)

We would eat YUMMY Filipino food as my uncle was from the Philippines. He passed away a few years ago and my AWESOME Aunt carries on his medical mission work with H.O.P.E. Foundation international. Click here to read more about it and feel free to donate if you are able, it is a great cause.

Their daughter is the famous one. I remember trading clothes with her, she is a few years older and I thought she was the coolest, in fact I still do.

By now you are dying to know who they are aren't you??? I could be a smart ass and make this a 2 or 3 part blog to keep you on your toes but I am not that mean, or am I?? No I am not.

Well my cousin is Linda Mallari. Who you ask? She is one half the band The Martinis. Her hubby is....Joey Santiago! Who you ask again? He is in the Pixies! Some of you are like who? If you are then that is OK. They had great success in Europe.

A few years ago the Pixies played at Summer Fest and we got AWESOME seats and back stage passes, it was so much fun!! At the concert there was this guy from Italy who was BEGGING me to get him back stage because he LOVES the Pixies and came all they way from Italy to see them! I had to tell him no, I am a bitch I know. He was very bummed but...I am sure he got over it!

Below is a home video of the Martinis performing at a benefit for a friend. The quality is not the best but yep that is my cousin!

They put out one CD as The Martinis called Smitten and I LOVE it, I listen to it all the time.


Bethany said...

The Pixies! I love The Pixies!!!

Sarah Jewel said...

Fun! I used to LOVE the Pixies!!

leezee52 said...

That is so cool!

Teri said...

My husband and I saw the Pixies in Atlanta a couple of years ago. Cool!

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