Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apparently you did not read my letters...

Dear Brett,

I am going to assume that you did not read the last TWO letters I wrote to you here and here . I just want to tell you just one more time just how I feel about your indecisiveness. WHAT THE HELL DUDE!! GIVE IT UP!!! The Jet's no longer feel you have it in you and now you are going to have surgery so you can play with the Vikings, are you kidding me??? I swear you retired again. Maybe you have had one too many concussions and you are not thinking clearly. Let me spell it out for you...you are rich, VERY RICH you do not need to work...you have to option to retire do it so some young lad who does not have a pot to piss in can live his dream like you have lived yours!

I just don't get you AT ALL. You had fans WONDERFUL CARING LOYAL FANS...you had the reputation as a great guy. You broke records so many of them...you are headed to the hall of fame for sure. You did all of this in Green Bay, we truly loved you Brett, now we just think you are an ass. You are ruining it for yourself. People are going to talk about you years from now here is how I imagine one of those conversations...

Person A "That Brett Farve sure was a great football player"

Person B "Brett Farve isn't he that football player who couldn't make up his mind about retiring?"

Person A "Yes but he was a great player"

Person B "But all I can remember him for is not being able to make up his mind and what a joke he turned out to be"

Person A "Ya you are right kind of reminds me of the whole Michale Jordon thing; trying to hold on to his youth past his peak. Brett must have had one too many blows to the head"

So once again my advice to you Brett is to RETIRE then take Deanna and the kids on a long vacation, I am sure they would love to spend some time with you. You are making your fans or your ex-fans if a little nauseous with all this should I shouldn't I stuff, it is enough already!!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

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CaseyDeuce said...

I dont want to say it. I dont. But I agree.

I love Brett, I LOVEEEE him... its weird, I've been a packer fan since I was little and I live in NY... Can I tell you how disappointed I was when he didnt end his legacy in Green Bay? And even though I'm a NY'er, and he was a Jet... I wanted the legacy to end in Green Bay. Everything just got all fudged up!!

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