Monday, March 31, 2008


I have a secret. I have no other way to say it then to just say it.

I am ALMOST 37 and I have a myspace page! Yikes! I made an account a little over a year ago and never did a thing with it. Not only because I had no time but because I had no idea what I was doing!!
I was riding my cousin in Montana to send my some pictures of her daughter, her response is "Get a myspace page"
So I resurrected mine from the grave and gave it an overhaul. I am addicted not as much I was in the past but it is fun!
Most of my "friends" on myspace are my cousins a few friends and some musicians. I only have 17 friends! I guess in the myspace world I might be considered a loser but I don't care, I love my page! I can keep in touch with my family, we are all scattered through out the country. I can look up people from high school and realize it was a moment in time i wish to not relive. I can keep tabs on my favorite rock stars and I can "meet" new people like this AWESOME photographer Brian Delaurenti, he is so incredible. You have to see his work.

I was recently talking to my mother who was in Montana visiting family and helping with my ageing grandparents, said to me
"I saw your myspace page, I can't believe all the snow you got" referring to one of my snow pictures. All I have to say is thanks A, I think she wants a myspace page! My mom on myspace, the thought sends shivers down my spine!

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Carrie said...

Don't you dare lead me to your myspace page and then tease me with the fact that I am not eligible to enter because I am not in your special network of real friends!

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