Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday's Green Tip

So here it is Tuesday and it time for my Green tip of the week. I PROMISE I will try not to talk about my hatred of the plastic bag again. I have spoken of them several times in past blogs. Bet y'all are like "Gezz girl we get it! Plastic bags are NO GOOD" I am so very happy that you got that message.

Today's tip is....dish detergent and dish washer detergent. Your typical detergents have phosphate which are BAD! They get into our ground water we drink it-has been linked to cancer. Some also contain petroleum, as in oil! What? Go ahead and read the back of your regular bottle. Why are we using oil in our cleaning products?

There are several different phosphate free dish detergents out there we prefer the Seventh Generation Lavender floral and mint. I can say that it was not much more expensive then your traditional brands, I think it may have been less! I purchase it at Target.

Some well known brands now have Phosphate free dishwasher detergents. We have tried them, they tend to leave a white film on some of the dishes. We prefer the Seventh Generation Free and Clear Automatic Dishwasher detergent in powder form. This is a bit more expensive then your other brands. I get coupons from the Seventh Generation web site and from my grocery store(the ones that print at checkout) I have also found it on sale at Walgreens for 2/$5.00 that is a steal, only happened once.

Until next Tuesday....Be Green!


swile67 said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the go green tips!! looking forward to more!

Kat said...

I'll have to look for that brand next time I'm at Target. Which will be soon I'm sure. Target and I have a thing. My DH does all the grocery shopping and he's very green. I am in the process of getting him re-usable bags from all sorts of places for his Christmas gift. Finding manly ones is somewhat challenging. And some bags are way cool...

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Okay, I'm all about the green tips and I do adore you automatically because you talk about snot and your children have no teeth...


But 7th gen just doesn't get my dishes clean.

I'm so sorry but I'll have to give you cancer.

Vicki said...

I'm now using Seventh Generation laundry detergent. It seems to work just like the other stuff. I don't ask too much though, just get my clothes cleaner than they were. It's the stain sprays I demand action from.

I'll have to look for the dish detergent!

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