Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Natural Sunlight

A conversation with my hubby on Fathers Day Morning. We were going to a friends pool and I could not find my swim suit.

Me "Honey, have you seen my bathing suit"
Like I actually thought he knew where it was.

Hubby "No"
Of course, stupid to even ask.

Me "Well this bites, I guess I will wear a tank top and shorts. I am glad it is not super hot out"
I was not very happy. I knew it would be hot by our friends cement surrounded in ground pool with no shade.

Hubby "We aren't leaving for an hour. Why don't you go and buy a new one"
Is he telling me to go shopping?

Me "Oh honey an hour? That is not enough time to find a suit. Sometimes it takes weeks and several stores before the perfect one is found. Plus I do not want to ruin your Fathers Day"
An hour? He is so friggin funny.

Hubby" How would it ruin my Fathers Day?"
I hate swim suit shopping and it will make me VERY crabby, duh!

Me "'s hard for you to understand, your a man. But swim suit shopping is the WORST thing a woman can go shopping for. First the lights are fluorescent and UGH make you look like 50 pounds more then you actually are. Then there is the being fish belly white under the lights. Plus you have to leave your grundies on when you try a suit on. It is just the WORST. The visual is making me crabby. I'm telling you best stay the hell away from me on swim suit shopping day, I will not be happy"
I guess if maybe you just lost like a 100 lbs and now had a hot body and a nice tan maybe you would look forward to swim suit shopping.

Hubby "Well aren't florescent lights suppose to simulate real light?"
Did he just say that?



K8E said...

LOL. It's so funny when husbands don't even realize they've insulted you...well, it's funny later, and in someone else's life. You know they mean well, it just 'doesn't come out right'...he probably meant 'florescent lights simulate real light, and you look great/fantastic/hot in real light, so florescent light should be just as flattering.'

scargosun said...

Oh that brain filter must have not been working.

That was too funny.

Bethany said...

That may deserve a kick in the shins!

Vicki said...

No he didn't! Poor man, he still needs some training. I think you should take him swimsuit shopping and force him to sit there dying of boredom while you go over the ins and outs of how to respond to a woman's comments, haha.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

I like Vicki's idea.

Teri said...

My husband bought a new swimsuit last night. He just picked a color he liked and took it straight to the register.
And he got it on sale for under $20. He doesn't quite get it when I tell him I need multiple trips to find a swimsuit and that it will probably cost close to $70+ if I am unable to find a sale. Oh, and he also doesn't understand why my haircuts cost most than $7, either.

Blarney said...


Heather said...

Jeans and bathing suits...the bane of my existence.

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