Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why I need/deserive a Blog make over!

Peeps look around my blog is ugly/boring/quiet/not pretty/not fancy so I NEED a makeover!
There is a contest going on RIGHT NOW that I am going to win. My new best friends at SITS are sponsoring the contest. Go to Eight Crazy designs and see how to enter.

You can enter to but honestly don't because I AM GOING TO WIN! OK so that is not fair, go ahead enter but I bet I need it more then you do!

Now for why I really need the blog make over. Oh I said that about this. My hubby is a computer dude. He has offered to do it for me but his way, meaning he will design it and I get what I get! WHAT? Yeah I guess that is his way of kindly saying "Honey I really don't have time for your blog.Now if you want to work on your Real Estate web site and getting you ranked I'm in"

You see work is actually more important then my blog, yeah crazy huh?

I was under the impresion that he would be mad if I went else where. Kind of like when I metioned That Century21 has a very cool web site builder. He said " How would you like it if I told friends to go elsewhere when they sell their home?"

OK point taken.

I have UNSUCCESSFULLY tired to make it "my own" but I am a REALTOR not a Web Developer. Guess there is a big difference! Asked hubby to show me, he rolled his eyes, do you suppose that means no? I thought so too. I am a quick learner but I guess he is not a teacher? Or doesn't have the patience for my 50 Million questions BLAH BLAH BLAH! Just show me!!!! NO!!
So here I sit with an ugly/boring/quiet/not pretty/not fancy blog! Poor me.

Thank you so much for you sympathy.


Mrs. R said...

Take down the SITS and link the Shannon... or you won't have a chance! Link to SHANNON!!!


Shannon said...

thanks for entering! good luck!

Cecily R said...

I am totally late to the SITS party on your blog and I'm sorry for that. But now I know that I shouldn't enter the contest, because, DUH you are going to win anyway...:)

In case you don't win (and I'm sure you will, so no worries), you can get free templates that are pretty darn cute at Even I could do it and I am a little bit of a technical idiot.

By the way, (and I know this is long, so I'll shut up soon) we have some readers in common (like Mommy Just One More Minute!). Such a small world.

Rph Mommy said...

Um, no. Sorry. I'm gonna win. LOL

Love the blog.

Sandi McBride said...

I decided not to enter in hopes that you will win because sweetie your site is seriously butt ugly and you need a makeover in the worst way. I promise you, I'm quite happy with my site the way it is and you come on over and see it if you don't believe I have something to be proud of, lol...and I did it all myself! Course it's nothing fancy, but I like it so I hope like anything that you win!!!

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