Monday, June 2, 2008

If the shoes don't fit....they fall off!

Seth wanted, needed, begged and cried for new Crocs. He was VERY specific about them being "Crocs just like Tony and Daddy have"
We went on a Croc hunt all around town. I am sure I used up at least $20.00 in gas. We found 1 pair in his size but they were black.
"Tony and Daddy have blue, I want blue NOT black!!!!!" was SCREAMED super loud in the store. Then the tears.
"You are not a nice mommy, mommy"
"You are so mean"
"You don't love me" (At the time and the way he was carrying on I can so see why he said that)
Then the running away from me in the store as he is still saying
"You are a mean mommy"
I was starting to get the looks. You know the ones. The what the heck did you do to your child look. The ever so accusing look, the assumption that I somehow hurt him.
That was the plan AFTER we left the store, never in public. We save the beating for behind closed doors and windows. Family rule, hit below the neck no visible mark!
I finally grab him and out of the store we go, no Crocs.

We get home he is still mad and I am not so mean. I went to and found some navy blue ones that were like Tony's and Daddy's I ordered them.
He was so excited when the arrived.
Damn it wouldn't you know that I got the wrong friggin size? The distraction at the store made me think I saw one size when in fact it was another.
This kid is soooooo stubborn, like none I have EVER seen before, the Crocs are big, no big deal I can still wear them and trip on my ass stubborn.

So he insists on wearing them to Target, I reluctantly give in thinking he is going to fall and to the ER again this would be the 4th time and that is not good. OK so you have to pick and choose your battles OK!?!?!

We get to Target then it's the "I want to sit in the cart" fit. I give in even thought he is getting much to big to be in the cart. OK again pick and choose your battles.

We are going along getting our goods having a BLAST because it is Target when I look down and see he is no longer wearing his shoes.

I glance under the cart nope not there. I look right at him and say "Seth you lost your shoes"
His response in the WORST poker face ever was "What they are not on my feet?" Looks down and says "Holy cow I lost my shoes"

"OK so your telling me that you did not feel them fall off? How could you not?"
Still bad poker face "I musta left them in the car"
Come on little man work with me not against me I know you had them on remember tripping in the parking lot? I do! You said "Stupid big Crocs" Then I yelled at you for saying stupid. And how would I not notice that you were shoeless?

We retrace our steps and see an employee carrying them I flag him down, thank him and Seth went shoeless for the rest of our shopping trip. I was wondering what the odd looks were for. Guess I would give a look to someone who's child was shoeless in the store, there are is a law against that you know.

No shirts, No Shoes No service, Duh!

Now it is back to the freak out over no having Crocs like Tony and Daddy! After this post it is off to AGAIN to get the kid the shoes he longs for in the correct size.

He is NOT spoiled!

After reading this my husband thinks that we are going to get a call from Social Service because I said we beat our kids behind closed doors. Does he really believe all of you in bloggerville think I harm my children? YES and to make him happy I am telling you we don't. When did he get so serious? Maybe I should beat him?


christie said...

Love it (mean mommy)!
You're so mean that there is no way he'll have the right size...ur...wait? You're not mean!
Love your blog!

Mrs. Romero said...

Ha! This is so funny... and I totally get it. I was (am) him.

tinabean1988 said...

OH the joy of KIDS!!!
I found your blog through SITS.

P.S. I sometimes think it's the husbands that need the beating to.

Blarney said...

Trust me ... many parents use the good ole discipline of our parents.

I would have ordered the new pair and swapped them out when the kid was sleeping or at school.

Kat said...

I just wander by from the SITS site...

I often threaten to lock my girls in a closet. Or hang them from the ceiling by their toenails. Or ask my husband to get a fence for the back yard so we can lock 'em outside. But after uttering said threats...I can smile and move on. And just secretly think about it.

And I had no idea that crocs caused so much angst! We usually get ours from extreme footwear...cause they do free priority shipping...I even did a whole post on how much we love Crocs!

Carrie said...

Hello Perfect Stranger, I have traveled the internet highway and arrived here via SITSer Island.

Love the khaki green background, it is a perfect backdrop for my Candid Carrie button.

Don't worry, that skinny little kid will grow into those shoes (in the middle of winter!)

Katy Lin :) said...

i am admittedly not a mother; however, i think that too few kids get spanked these days, lol! (i'm not talking abusive beatings, but i got a wooden spoon to the backside when i deserved it!) thanks for sharing :)

(p.s. ~ i found you thru SITS)

Kathy said...

Awww...loosen up hubby. We all beat our children.

Tsosie and Peterson Bunch said...

I too wish beating your husband was legal:)

Melanie said...

I say beat them both! I wish my kids could go barefoot everywhere, I'm so tired of the shoe fight.

insane mama said...

Beat them, hide them in the basement, it's all good!

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