Thursday, May 22, 2008

Um..What? Rocket Booster?????

I was going to put this off as happening to a "friend" but I thought what the heck, I am already over the embarrassment.
I picked the boys up from school on Monday, hair cut day. Not a happy day for T as he likes his hair longer but uniform policy at school states that boys hair shall not touch their collar. Can't seem to find this in writing anywhere in the parent handbook but I know this would not be a fight I would win.
I am sitting in the parking lot waiting for the mass exodus of the school when my cell phone rings, it's the school secretary asking me to come in to the office. CRAP! What did S do now? See this child has had to pull a card every other day this entire school year. Pull a card? In short it is a disciplinary tool they use at the school. Pull 1 card 5 min off recess, 2 cards no recess, 3 cards tot he office, 4 cards the student has to call their parents and tell them what they did. Harsh huh?
I go into the office and the secretary hands me some thing and says
"Seth had this in his pocket and was playing with it when he had to stay in for recess" (He did get in trouble, he never fails to be contestant)
I look down and OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I am looking at a sample of "Emotion Lotion"! ( A lubricant that is warm the gets hot when you blow on it, just in case you we wondering :) )
I feel my face getting redder by the nano second. Earth now is the time to end! But that did not happen.
My question was "Who else saw this?"
She replies"Um a teacher and the principal"
Oh did I mention that it was empty as in used by us? That just makes it worse.
I am dying I look at her and say " I am officially embarrassed and I am leaving now"
I walk out red faced and the first person I see is the teacher who knows. UGH!!!
I so looked the other way like I did not see her!
I grab the boys and RUN RUN out of the school. As we are leaving S is screaming
"I want my tube back, I want it now, it is my rocket booster!!!"
Rocket Booster??? This kid is smart! he he
He said this like 5 times louder and louder then started to cry when I said I did not know where it went!
Note to self bury stuff that you do not want the boys to see in the garbage, better yet burn it!


Julie said...

oh man how embarrassing!!

SabrinaT said...

HA HA! That is great! well not for you, but for me the reader.

The Rule Maker said...

Great Story! Loved it. Just got to love boys!

Missy said...

Oh LORD!!! This story is hee-larious! I came over here after you were featured on SITS. Unbelievable! I think I'm going to have to crawl under my desk out of embarrassment for you. So did you move, or what? (:

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