Saturday, May 31, 2008


OK as most of you know I am going Green this year. I have made several changes from my cleaning products, my clothing and bringing my own bags to the store.
Yesterday was like any other trip to good ol Wal Mart except one thing. The cashier.
First she tried to look for price tags on my grocery bags AFTER I told her they were mine and to please use them for my stuff.
I got "the look" then she put my stuff in plastic bags then put them into my bags!
Kinda defeats the purpose of the whole bringing your own bags to the store.
So in the nicest your not a dumb ass voice I said "Oh there is no need to use your plastic bags just put my stuff in my bags"
She stopped gave me "the look" again sighed and I bet that snotty girl rolled her eyes!


Heather said...

Good 'ol Wal Mart. UGH!!

Blarney said...

Wally's World is really starting to get to me too! If it's not the snotty cashier it's the 'talk about nothing non-stop' bagpipe. Can't win.

Staci said...

AHAHAHAAAAA i hate walmart!!! You should read my entry on why i hate walmart and paper cuts!!! Surfed over from SITS!!!

insane mama said...

I hate wal mart, can we start a club?

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