Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I swear the calander says May 28th!

Spring, the time all things come to life. The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. I have been just dying to start/finish our landscaping, but there is a problem. A big problem something I cannot change, no one can, well maybe God but he is obviously busy with more important things then this.
It is the weather. What the heck is going on? It was 84 degrees Monday. Warm, sunny and just too perfect. Then like a bat out of hell came the wind and bam 42 degrees. KID YOU NOT! Crazy huh? In like 10 minutes it dropped 40 degrees!
Well the forecast for last night called for FROST, yes we were under a FROST ADVISORY at the end of May are you friggin for real? Low of 38? Did I see that right? I would expect this weather if I lived in Alaska and if we had just not endured the longest coldest and snowiest winter ever!!
So this is why I have not planted a darn thing, it has been too cold. Except those few hours that we had summer on Monday
Gotta love spring in Wisconsin, NOT!


Carrie said...

Thirty four degrees at my house this morning. I was going to do a weather report in my blog today, but you beat me to it.

Blarney said...

I believe you. I spent the past two weeks planting and thanking my lucky ass everything was perennial. I hope we can have just one straight week of summer this year.

Kathy said...

Seriously. The weather is crazy here too. I guess it makes it difficult to being too hot or too cold. We can't get used to wither one!!

ps Thanks for your nice words on my blog!!! You're awesome!

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