Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been tagged!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!

I have been tagged, I feel so popular, seriously! Thanks Blarney Spot you made my day! I was tagged to take the "What kind of Flower are you quiz ?"
I will admit I was not born with a green thumb. I use to have beautiful house plants, I killed them!
We ripped out the overgrown evergreen shrubs from the front of our house last year, actually almost exactly a year ago, still nothing planted! I want to plant native plants, it is the Green way! Native plants need less watering and fertilizing. We will be "working" on this project over the weekend, like we have been for the past year.
Honestly I still have NO IDEA what we are going to plant! Any suggestions are welcome. I am in zone 5 or 6, hard to tell by the map.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?


Pauline said...

Hi Susan! thanks for stopping by my blog. and yes, carrie IS stalking me...
shhhh....she may already know thati am talking to you.

Carrie said...

Back off, Pauline. She is my friend, I had her first. Back away from the real estate agent and nobody gets hurt.

Susan, I am a daisy. That is like a flippin' weed, man. I am rapidly multiplying flippin' weed.

Blarney said...

You are welcome Susan and don't pay any attention to Carrie's pitty party ... daisys happen to have some great qualities about them even though she doesn't think the same. Shesh!
You can log on to and download some garden plans that could work for your location. Have a great time getting your hands dirty!

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