Monday, May 19, 2008

6 things you do not know about me

I have been challenged by Candid Carrie to divulge 6 things that people may not know about me. I have been thinking about this all day, kid you not. So here they are

1) I HATE tuna fish, it smells like cat food. then mix it with mayo? To me that is wrong on so many levels. Sorry to those who enjoy this concoction but it is about me not you !

2) I will ALWAYS choose the Cleveland Browns over the Green Bay Packers, again sorry, but it is about ME!

3) I had no friends from 5th to 7th grade! Yes it is awful but I was the new "odd" kid from Ohio who did not have cool enough clothes. Damn snotty Connecticut kids! I bounced back and got through it. Met an "odd" kid from Dallas and we are still good friends. Love you Alyssa!

4) I was with child when I got married! Shhhhhh

5) If I got pregnant again it would not be the end of the world, just my husbands!

6) I am an slob! I work so hard on trying to keep things tidy but it ALWAYS backfires! Better call before you stop over so I can shove everything under the couch in closets and drawers to never be found again!

There you have 6 things you did not know about Susan, your life is now complete!


Carrie said...

I know MORE than enough now.

Kandace said...

I'll call first I promise.

But on that note you know I've had company every weekend for the past 5 weekends and you know what? My house has stayed somewhat orderly. My sister always told me if you want a clean house just plan a party. We all need a little motivation. :)

Heidi said...

I so shove everything in closets & drawers. Even when someone isn't coming over, I just can't stand the mess, and I am organizationally disfunctional. Two peas in a pod.

Kathy said...

Yeah, I'm a bad cleaner too...I spend most of my time eating tuna and mayo...MMMMMM. ;)

Blarney said...

I am so with you on 1,3 and 5 ...

Oh ~ you've been tagged!

Rita Wilhelm said...

lol - #4 is pretty funny!

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