Friday, January 15, 2010

Time to brag~I am a mom and it's my right!

My boys are so wonderful, they are the light of my life! They are special in their own unique ways and we encourage them every chance we get. If you have been reading my blog then you know we have struggled with little man and his ADHD, which for the moment we have under TOTAL control. I don't talk much about big guy, he does not give us much trouble at all. Well I take that back this pre-teen hormonal crying because he can't play video games on school nights is getting a tad bit old. Other then that he is PERFECT!

Last week he came home and asked me if we could go see him in the National Geographic Geography Bee at his school, I answered "will see", it was on Tuesday and that is the day we have our sales meeting at work. My bosses do not like it when you are not there for the fun Tuesday events they always have planned (sarcasm). Sunday night came and big guy asked again, this time i said tell me more. Well it appears that only 2 students from each grade 4-8 made it to the school round. I then said "Of course i will be there to cheer you on" Hubby wanted to go but was unable to leave work.

Now I knew he would do well, he is a very bright kid. At our last parent teacher conferences his history teacher told me he was the only student who did not need to reference maps and he was amazed that he got the answer 99% of the time. I think his exact words were "He is super freaky smart when it comes to maps, I am amazed"

So there I am in the school muti-purpose room (our NEW gym in under construction...YIPPIE) staring at 10 VERY nervous students. There were 4 or 5 rounds and my son and another student were the last two standing. WOW!!! I was excited for him and sad. You see the student he was up against is a genius, I kid you not. This boy is so smart! He made it to the National Scrips Spelling Bee last year smart! He has never lost an academic competition at our school in fact he is the only student to will all the academic competitions at the school. The school is only 7 years old. So I am getting the "Oh poor kid is going to loose looks from all the parents" I felt stressed. It was sudden death. The first 2 questions both answered wrong..then came the question about Poland...The Vistula River runs through Poland into this Sea....Oh he better get this right! You see we are Polish..well I am so he is part. My grandparents were from there and we have studied the map of Poland in the past. I see him quickly write down the answer...the other student was thinking then wrote his answer.....well....guess who had it right? YEP!!! My boy!!! He won the school Geography Bee!! Everyone turned and looked at me with huge grins on their faces as this was HUGE! I looked over at the other student he look dumbfounded...I felt bad for him but only a little bit, hey my kid just won! He was beaming, perma grin, so proud of himself. the next step is a test he has to take to see if he qualifies for state, please keep your fingers crossed! He has been on the Geography Bee web site taking the mock tests and doing quite well.

I will keep you posted!

Oh the answer is the Baltic Sea.

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