Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rethinking Things

My poor blog has fallen silent for a few weeks, I have been neglecting her but not on purpose. I have been rethinking the whole blog thing. I love blogging and I am not going to stop, just wanted to make that clear but some change is coming.

When I started blogging my first post was about my obsession with Ben and Jerry my other loves. I look back over my posts and I realized something. I think I have lost my focus! I started doing reviews by accident when I started my Tuesday Green Tip posts. I talked about the Eco friendly products i liked and used and companies noticed. The next thing I knew my inbox was flooded with companies wanting to give me things to review, how fun! It has been great and I have loved every minute of it and I will continue to do those reviews and giveaways but I do not want them to be what my blog is about!

So here is what is changing. First my New Years goal is to try a new recipe a week so I am officially calling Tuesday's....Try Something New Tuesday. I will be sharing with you the new recipe that I have tried and letting you know my thoughts and of course my families thoughts. I might turn it into a share a recipe or even have you my readers recommend a recipe for me to try, I am still thinking that part over. Wednesday's will be dedicated to Eco friendly ideas and product reviews and some giveaways of Eco friendly products, I will be calling it Eco-Friendly Wednesday. The rest of the week will be a combination of personal posts, which I have gotten away from, and reviews and giveaways.

There are some other things I am working on but until they are complete I am keeping silent!

So there you go...change is coming not big for now but a change none the starting this Tuesday look for a yummy is a will have to wait for the rest!

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