Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Miss Matched- FAIL

I am so irritated right now at Little Miss Matched and their customer service or should I say lack there of? In November right before Thanksgiving I placed an order on their web site. I was excited as I ordered some Christmas gifts and a pair of socks for me! I got the package in a very timely manner however they sent me the wrong socks! Bummer! I called them and left a message as they were closed because of the Thanksgiving holiday. I waited for a week and no call back. So I called again no answer, no answering machine. So I kept calling several times before I got someone. I explained what had happened and it was decided that I should keep the wrong socks and they would send me the correct ones. GREAT right? This was about 3 weeks before Christmas. I waited and waited and waited no socks! Christmas came and went so I contacted them via their contact form on their web site and I waited and waited and waited no response and no socks! I was not happy at all!
I found an email address for them and sent them a "nice" email stating that I was less them thrilled and not impressed at all with their customer service. I even mentioned I was a blogger and I had a post ready to go if I did not hear back in a timely manner.
I got a response "Sorry, we will look into it" WTH??? That's all I get? A few days later I get a very nice mail from someone who actually took the time to apologize and explained this is not how their company operates and look for my socks, they would be arriving soon! YIPPIE!
Today I got my socks BUT with an envelope from the post office saying I owe $0.97 for postage! Uh what? I know it is only $0.97 but it is the principal behind it! They messed up BIG time and now I have to pay for postage AGAIN?
So Little Miss Matched you FAIL in the worst way and I will NEVER place an order from you again.

I received an email from Little Miss Matched saying they would credit my charge card back $1.00 and if I ever choose to order from them again I will get 10% off. I do appreciated them trying to make this right however I plan on NEVER ordering or purchasing anything from them again, the damage has been done.

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