Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just call me Grace

I will not be posting my Eco-Friendly Wednesday post today. I had a bit of a mishap today and my wrist, elbow, shoulder, and butt are a bit sore. It all went down like this.
I was delivering Meals on Wheels today, I pulled into an alley to park and deliver my first of 12 meals. I had the basket of the cold packs on the front seat next to me as it was also the day to deliver the new menus. The hot packs were in the back of my vehicle, they totally stunk today. I have no idea what it was but UGH! Anyway I grab the cold pack, the menu and open my car door. I take ONE step out of my truck and BOOM I totally fell, and damn it hurt! Cold pack goes flying I say SOB and quickly get up as there is a micro brewery next door with big windows and I am sure someone saw me! I get meal in and the lady says..."I heard swear did you fall on the ice?" Um...see she is blind so her hearing is sharp as a tack I guess. I apologized and the she asks me to go feed the birds. WHAT? Yes of course I fed the birds. The I left and delivered my meals in pain! It hurts to type!

So I hurt and bad right now...done typing for tonight. Will post in my Eco-Friendly Wednesday is a review AND giveaway! So check back later!


Blarney said...

Here's the deal: I'll forgive you if you forgive me for not posting in 20 some days. ;)

elsiee said...

ouchie! but you know that you get double good karma points for feeding the birds while injured! hope you're on the mend soon!

Melissa B. said...

Feeling better, I trust. Haven't heard from you since Brett threw that colossal interception. Does your little boy still have a #4 Vikings jersey?

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