Monday, January 11, 2010

In your face ADHD

A few months ago I wrote a post about my journey into ADHD and I wanted to give you an update as it has been 3 months since that post. It has been quite the journey, between trying to get him to eat applesauce laced with Attend by Vaxa, weekly Chiropractor appointments, diet changes and behavior charts. I have learned so much and I am learning more everyday. I learned that I can get him to swallow those big vitamins by telling him to swallow it like you are swallowing gum so no more applesauce and I am sure he will NEVER eat it again. That was huge and my new advice for parents trying to get their kids to swallow pills, because face it all of our children have swallowed gum.

We have taken dairy out of his diet, his wonderful Chiropractor told me eliminate any foods he craves, if it is craved good possibility there is some sort of allergy. He LOVES milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. After doing research I learned a good percentage of those with ADHD are lactose intolerant, which again proves that there is a connection with food allergies and ADHD and makes me wonder how many children who are on prescription medications could be helped with simple diet change. So for 3 months we have been been following a strict routine and it has paid off!

Right before the Christmas break I was at the school dropping off some stuff for my 12 year old when little guys teacher called me into her classroom. I jokingly said "Nope sorry, don't have time" as I was so afraid she was going to have something "bad" to tell me. I about burst into tears when she told me that he has been doing 110% better! He has moved up a reading level skipping 20 lessons, he is just learning to read so this is HUGE! She said keep doing what you are doing because it is working! I wanted to say " I told you so" but kept that to myself and smiled and thanked her so much for the update, she made my week.

I was beaming with pride not only for my son but for myself and sticking to my guns and doing it my why when almost EVERYBODY around me was telling me it would not work! This is not the end to his great success. Last week I was at the school again, this time doing my lunch parent duties when the principal pulled me aside, again I was thought CRAP, now what? I just hate that feeling I am not sure if it is because I still fear the principal from grade school or if I am afraid what she is going to have "bad" news about my boys. She proceeds to tell me that she was joking around with Seth and told him she wasn't even sure he went to the school anymore because she has not seen him in her office in months, when she was seeing him in there everyday! She said he giggled and told her that he has been working really hard and he was proud of himself. Then she tells me he EARNED the Super Student Award for his behavior goal sheet, ONLY THE SECOND STUDENT TO WIN IT ALL YEAR! WOW! Right?? I was again the proud mom beaming with pride. When he got home from school he came running to me with his award in hand jumping up and down saying " I did it, I did it" I could have burst into tears. He was so proud of himself, you could see it in his eyes and by the pact he would screaming "I did it" He had 3 100% days in a row, yes 3 of them.

It is so hard to put into words how proud we are of his accomplishments, we are beyond thrilled, elated, jumping for joy, screaming at the top of our lungs happy. And to think we were told that he would not succeed if we did not put him on medication!


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