Monday, March 15, 2010

Me vs Carrot

We have a new favorite show in our house, a show the WHOLE family can watch which is very refreshing, The Middle on ABC. If you have never watched it I HIGHLY recommend you do. It stars Patricia Heaton as the mother of 3 very quirky children a high schooler, middle school er and grade schooler. It is from the mom's point of view, I can relate to so much of what goes on it scares me sometimes. Kudos to ABC for having family friendly comedies.

So...Last week we sat down to watch the episode titled "The Bee". OMG!!! We were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. While we were watching I was eating carrots. This turned out to be a VERY bad idea as I was chomping away when I started to laugh...I started to choke on that darn carrot. Got it out but I ended up "cracking" a rib, more like a hairline fracture, cracking sounds so tough! :) Let me tell you if you have never had rib injury you have never felt pain. It hurts to breathe, sit, bend, twist, get it, it hurts no matter what I do.... IT SUCKS!

But the very kind Dr prescribed me Vicodin. Now I am all doped up on Vicodin and some anti-inflammatory which I think I am allergic to as I start to itch all over about 30 minutes after taking it, drives me crazy but I continue to take it as I want to heal. So for the time being I feel no pain at all and I itch like crazy.

Needless to say I will never eat ANYTHING while watching The Middle, it can be hazardous to your heath. Not only could you choke to death but you could "crack" a rib! But I say DO watch it just don't eat while doing so.

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