Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday's Green Tip

Sorry I am late for this weeks instalment of Tuesday's Green Tip, I had a super buys day. Work all morning then I had to go to Target to get a gift for my nephew, Guess who I saw there? The one and only Candid Carrie, yep live in person! She now knows a secret about me that someday I will reveal.....no I am not pregnant, I so know that is what you were thinking!

On to our Green Tip......I live in Wisconsin and let me tell you it gets cold here in the winter, very cold and snowy, last winter was brutal! So to help keep the heat bills down and conserve on energy I recommend a programmable thermostat. Not only does it help with keeping the heat bills at somewhat of a digestible amount, but it saves energy!

I am not going to recommend any particular one. Before we had a new furnace installed we replaced the old style thermostat with a low end programmable one, it worked fine. We got a new furnace and it come with a super fancy programmable thermostat, too many buttons but again it works fine.

Now for the shocker.....I am VERY strict with the temperature. I have it set to go down to 64 at 10:00 PM then at 6:00AM it goes to 67, yes 67!!! If you are cold you can layer up. It is not that bad really. I will confess that we do have a wood burning fire place and we do use it often to keep warm. We get free wood, trees that have fallen by my brother in laws house, there are lots of them!

We have not turned the heat on yet, it was 66 in the house this AM but I knew it would warm up during the day and it did to 70! So here we sit playing the "we are not turning on our furnace game", one we play every year. We lasted until December 1st last year!

That's it folks until next week....keep it green!

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Blarney said...

Please, please tell me your fireplace is a "wood burner" to heat the house not one of those 'leave the doors open while in use to pretend you are heating the house' kind.

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