Monday, October 27, 2008

Glad school pictures were weeks ago.

Look at this poor little guy! He is a mess! So thankful that his school pictures turned out retakes are not an option. It has been day after day of injuries for him, the picture does not show all of them.

1)Bruise under eye. From Dad who thought it would be fun to show a 5 year old how to shoot rubber bands.

2) Bruise on cheek. From Dad again, was being followed out did not know and slammed door on his head

3)Chapped lips. Why is it both my boys ALWAYS suck on their top lip resulting in a super chapped upper lip (notice the glossy shine from the Vaseline that was self applied?)

Now the ones you do not see....

5) Smashed finger. His fault. Apparently he thinks the railing on the stairs is a monkey bar. He actually got his ankle caught the smashed his finger try to free it.

6) Big bruise from Flu shot. blame here just bad luck.

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Blarney said...

Whoa! I always feel so guilty when I have to explain everything the next day after the incident 'just in case' the kids teachers wonder. Thankfully that hasn't happened to frequently but my daughter started ice skating lessons this past weekend so I could be in for some parent / teacher 'moments'. On the bright side it's winter so shorts & short sleeves are not an option.
Glad your back!

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