Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for flu shots

Yes it is that time of year, time for the dreaded flu shot. I made the appointment a few weeks ago for both of the boys. In the past the flu shot has been nothing but THE.WORST.THING.THAT.COULD.HAPPEN. to big guy.

When he was 6 we, meaning myself and 4 nurses had to peel him off of the floor of the waiting room where he was laying spread eagle face down screaming "NO FLU SHOT" over and over. Then we had to get him into the exam room. By this point I was freaking out thinking I am the WORST mom in the world. I was seriously about to say forget it, not worth the damage and therapy bills in the future. But we got that little bugger pinned down and got him! I swore after that I would NEVER do that to my children again. No more flu shot.

Fast forward 4 years(last winter) big guy get sick, super sick, for over 2 weeks. Guess what??? Yep he had the flu, diagnosed by the Dr. It was not fun. I got scolded by the Dr and he promised that he would get the flu shot because having the flu was "the worst".

So flu shot day comes this year and big guy claims he is sick. He coughs and it sounds like it could be a little exaggerated, this is not uncommon with him. Later that afternoon I get a call from school. The secretary has been on to him since day one. He gets a "headache" if he feels like he doesn't want to be in class. That has not happened this year so much but he does have a track record. He had been to the office TWICE!

So we laugh about it and come to the conclusion that he is not sick but wanting to be because of the flu shot. Oh did I forget to tell you that when I said we were getting flu shots he said NO WAY. Yes I did remind him how sick he was but i guess he forgot how bad it was! There was only one hour left of school, he stayed.

OK so we get home from school, just a few hours before the WORST.THING.EVER and guess what? Yep big guy is sick! Crap! No flu shot for him, he had a fever of 101. So it is off with little guy.

We get there and all is well until we get into the exam room. He starts acting all "freaky" making odd noises, weird faces and then states "NO SHOT!" The nurse comes in just as that comes out of his mouth. He sees the needle, I so blame the nurse for that one, she just took the cap off right in front of him! DUH!!!!

Then came the FREAK OUT and struggle....this was not as bad as the whole big guy experience little guy is small and easy to hold down and not freaking out as much. So there I am again having to torture one of my children by laying across him and holding his arms. As the nurse holds his legs he screams at the top of his lungs.
"You idiot, you poop head" then silence.....then....."that is it?"

So I am trying SO HARD not to burst out laughing, seriously hard, I kid you not! I scolded him and make him say sorry to the nurse who had no expression on her face at all! Not sure what she thought she is a pediatric nurse and I am sure she is rarely verbally assaulted on the job by a 5 year old!

We walked out of there with me still trying not to laugh!

Big guy thinks he got out of the whole thing, WRONG! Appointment will be rescheduled tomorrow! Just hope he does not freak out like he did when he was 6, he is a lot bigger and stronger now! He might just win.


McCrakensx4 said...

Found your blog thru blog hopping, but, I must tell you that your flu shot blog made me laugh out loud! I, too, have 2 boys and the things they put me through! But I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Friday

Blarney said...
There I said it.

Laurie... Lo Lo said...

this is the auntie of the two boys... if you knew them personally you would think it even funnier... thy are wonderful boys... each in their own individual way.kisses from auntie Laurie boys

Tracy said...

Oh no! We've had to have multiple nurses hold down my oldest boy, too, so I know how it is!

Deann said...

Found you on the blog carnival and had to LOL at your post!! I dread those appointments!!!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Found you through Toni's carnival we're on together and I'm cracking up. I swear it's like I just read about my own kids...We ended up doing the flu mist thinking he's calm down a bit and he SCREAMED-the water is hurting meeee!!!

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