Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lack of respect...a little rant

What is going on? Doesn't ANYBODY have respect these days? I understand it is an election year and feelings are heated. But that is NO EXCUSE to go onto someones property and destroy a campaign sign.

This has nothing to do with who I believe is best suited to run our country, it has to do with being an American and having the right to voice my opinion and choose who's name is on a sign in MY YARD. And how wonderful that we have that freedom. I am very thankful for that.

Let me tell you what has been going on in my neighborhood. One neighbor has a HUGE sign in their yard they woke up the other day to it cut in half. The neighbor next door has the other opponent's sign, HUGE one as well and guess what? Yep, his was destroyed as well. Again RESPECT people!

My sign has not been tampered with but so help me if I catch anyone doing so I will FREAK on them! Then call the cops and have them arrested for trespassing and theft. This has to stop! Support who you want but don't get mad at those who do not agree with you. I don't I RESPECT other peoples views that is what makes this country we live in so great!

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Blarney said...

Yeah it's getting a little crazy around here to. If your up for a little midnight TP party I'm in!

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