Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No you did not just do that!!!

Dear Connie
I totally appreciate that you work at Wal-Mart and must make a living. What I do not appreciate is when you throw out perfectly good plastic grocery bags! Oh yeah I did see you! What you don't recall? Let me fill it in for you.
Last week I was standing in your check out line with my cloth reusable bags in hand when I saw you grab a big old stack of plastic grocery bags and place them on your little spinning thing. What you did next made me want to jump over the person in front of me and lunge at you!! But instead NO went screaming through my head! After you adjusted the bags you tried to open the first one with no luck, actually you really did not even try! (Were your freakishly long yellow and pink striped nails getting in the way?) You just pulled it off and threw it away! Then to my complete horror you proceeded to do it AGAIN!! My god girl at least try to open the bag! Did you know that it will take 1,000 years for those bags to break down? The way I look at it the 2 cloth bags you reluctantly filled for me made no difference to the Earth that day, I should have just made you dig the two out of the garbage and use them for my goods!!! Yes I do take being Green seriously as you should to!
Thank you and have a sunny happy day


Blarney said...

Susan - Thank you for your commitment to being 'green.' If it was me I would have walked around, grabbed the plastic bags, re-hung them for use and opened them for her.

Susan said...

Thank you Blarney. I have made it my goal to be as green as possible!!

Kathy said...

1,000 years to break down?? Really?? Time for me to invest in some cloth bags I think...

Susie said...

that just made me ROAR with laughter!
Great job not lunging at connie.

I love that you are so earth friendly. My competitiveness is starting to come out. It could be fun to start a green game among the mom bloggers.

SabrinaT said...

They handed out the green bags for FREE here. I was shocked at how many people walked by and said no thank you! We now have 6 of them. They are perfect for walking out in town and fruit day.

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