Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sometimes memories are best kept as that

I was talking to T tonight about recycling garbage and being green. We talk about littering and why people do it. I recalled a PSA from the 70's about littering.
"Give a hoot, don't pollute" Yes! Woodsy the Owl. I went on to you tube and of course because EVERYTHING is on you tube I found it and played it for T.
His response was "What's wrong with the color?"
"Well, it's from when I was a kid so I guess it is from age"
"It's that old?" I so ignored that! Little stinker! After laughing at the "old " commerical I decide to look for some other TV commericals from my child hood. There were a ton! The best one was Chuck Wagon Dog food with the little covered wagon that goes racing by the dog the disappears into he cabinet.
So I get to thinking if there are commerical there must be some TV shows! And of course because it is you tube there was! My FAV show was "Land of the Lost" and there it was, the song! And a whole web site dedicated to my FAV show!!!
So I showed T and instead of the "WOW that is cool" I got the "Oh mom I am so sorry that was the best TV had to offer way back when" look of sympathy.
Yes I admit not as cool as it was when I was 6, special effects have comes A LONG way since Will and Holly and their Dad got caught up in an earth quake and went back in time.
Now when my kids complain that they are bored instead of telling them
"I walked a mile in the snow up hills both ways to school" I will now say"I had to watch TV with really bad special effects"
It will have the same effect!


Carrie said...

Alright, major suck up to Susan coming up ... are you ready?

Seriously girl, you are way too young to remember Land of the Lost!

Outnumbered2to1 said...

How about the Dr. Pepper commercials or the tootsie roll commercials?

Ann said...

Hi! I found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
"Land of the Lost"! Good ol' Saturday morning shows - Sid And Marty Krofft style. I had a huge crush on "Will".
Ah... memories.
I love your blog.

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