Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some of our Holiday activites

I will be back later today for day four of my 12 days of Christmas my2boyz style. As a member of Twitter Mom I was asked to blog about our top 5 family activites as part of the Dora Christmas Carol contest.

1) The Christmas Pickle ordainment. I LOVE this, the pickle ordainment is hid in the tree and first child to find it Christmas morning gets an special present from Santa. The boys love this and it takes them quite a while to find it.

2)Going to see Santa at Younkers/Boston Store the day after Thanksgiving....line is long but so worth it!

3) Baking Christmas cookies, my youngest LOVES LOVES this.

4) Making a gingerbread house, this is something we all enjoying doing!

5) We all go shopping for a few gifts for Toys for Tots. a few years ago this did not go over well with our little guy, he was mad that we were giving the toys away! So glad he grew out of that!

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