Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Disappointment

I was SO EXCITED to watch Nip Tuck last night, the season premier. I love Nip Tuck, yes I know it is a bit twisted and over the top but I love it none the less. I had the DVR all set to record as it is on when my 12 year old is still up, not quite the type of show one would want a child to see. So the second he was in bed the TV went on I was ready.

Christan was his usual self, an ass and Sean was his wimpy self, it was great!!! Matt was going to be a mime, if he were my son I would have smacked him...HARD!!!

I was enjoying it so much, fast forwarding through the commercials then it happened...I had to do a double take...was it? Could it be??? Yep...Mario Lopez....EEEWWWWW!!!! Yes the one and only form Saved by the Bell! I was MORE THEN DISAPPOINTED...WTH??? Why Mario Lopez? He is an AWFUL actor and that cheesy smile, I would love to smack it off his face. His character was bizarre but what else would you expect from Nip Tuck?

So there I was torn between turning it off and watching the rest, yes that is how much I dislike Mario. It was a struggle, I decided to watch the rest and I am glad I did. I am so scared to do a search and see if Mario is a permanent fixture at McNamara/Troy, what if he is??? I do not think I could handle an hour a week with him....I might need to find another show? We will see...any one watch it? Your thoughts???

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!????? As I am writing this I am watching Regis and Kelly...guess who one of the guests is??? YEP..Mario...can I not get away from this man???? UGH!!!!!!!!

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