Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank you

About a year and a half ago I wrote this post . Well guess what? I have more people to thank. So here we go.....

Thank you to those of you who drive like IDIOTS on a certain road in my city. The speed limit in the city is 25 with the exception of a few places. The expressway, Calumet Dr and this one stretch of Taylor Dr between Erie Ave and Union Ave where the speed limit is CLEARLY posted as 45 mph. PEOPLE you have very few options to drive fast in our little city so WHY OH WHY do you go 30mph in a 45mph zone and then gesture to me as if I have done something wrong when I am UP YOUR ASS???? Can you not read? Well if that is the case then you should not be driving. I would not be so irritate if it did not happen 99% of the time I take that road, from now on I am going to avoid it like the plague.

Thank you to my 6 year old for opening the back window of the car with out my knowledge, it rained that night and HARD! So now my car smells all musty and his booster seat was wet for days!

Thank you to the idiot who video taped our mayor when he was obviously a little drunk and saying VERY inappropriate things. I don't agree with what he said, it was so out of line but come on! Put it on YouTube? That was VERY low and shame on our local paper for putting the video on their web site. HELLO!!! Vulgar language!!! Did I mention it made Leno? Nice we were in the opening monologue of his show. If I ever find out who you are.....I have a YouTube account as well, just saying. I bet you NEVER "talk like a guy" when you are drunk!

And the biggest thank you of all goes to 2 stores in my town!

Ah Shopko....the store I aways forget about, I paid you a visit today. I know it has been a while but this girl was on a mission to find stupid Zhu Zhu pets for my darling 6 year old. He has said this is ALL he wants for Christmas, why is he thinking that far ahead? Well he is 6! I arrive and bolt through the store, I was on a mission. Well...of course I could not find them so I ask the sales associate and this is what she tells me "Oh yes I know what you are talking about, we did have some on Saturday. We got like 50 of them in and one person came and bought all of them" OK maybe not fifty but I swear she said 30 but that is not the point. ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME??? THE hottest toy of the season and you let 1 person buy all of them??? I will be calling you tomorrow, I just might call the big old corporate office.

And then there is Wal-Mart. I have this love hate relationship with you, you know that. So when I went looking for the ever so elusive Zhu Zhu Pets and could not find them I was discouraged. When I went to check out the few items I had your lovely sales associate asks "Did you find everything OK?" I had to say "No". When I explained what I was looking for she said "Oh ya, I know what you are talking about, the manager bought what we had left saying this was THE hot toy of the season" WHAT THE.....I AM MORE THEN ANNOYED! Yes you too will be getting a phone call from me. Is there some sort of store policy against that?

I did find the Zhu Zhu Pets at TARGET! I love Target! I asked the wonderful sales associate Christine and they had some in back...SCORE one for mom and Target and zero for Shopko and Wal Mart!

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