Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Shandle Review

Are you ALWAYS asking your children if they have washed their hands after using the bathroom? I have 2 boys and I am CONSTANTLY reminding them.

With Flu season upon us and fears of H1N1 I feel like I am after them always! So when I was contacted to review The Shandle I was excited! Not only did I think it would be a great reminder to wash hands but to also lift the toilet seat when the boys do their business. You see my 6 year old WILL NOT touch the toilet with his hands AT ALL! I have witnessed him NOT lift the toilet seat up and then flush with his foot. When I question him about it he says "It is gross to touch the toilet, you can get sick"
Him not lifting up the seat tends to be an issue in our house...EVERY TIME I need to use the restroom I must double check to make sure there is no tinkle on the seat and 9 out 10 times there is. This is especially wonderful in the middle of the night when I am 1/2 asleep and not quite thinking to check...yes I know gross right??

The Shadle comes to the rescue!

The Shandle is super easy to install and I had no problems doing it! You simply peel the backing off and stick it to your toilet seat, after you cleaned the surface of course.

It took me less then 20 seconds to install and should hold on for at least 6 months! I hope it brings me many a bathroom visit with a dry toilet seat! And what a cute gentle remider to wash your hands!

I showed it to my 6 year old and he said his is willing to touch The Shandle and will now make sure the seat is up. He is starting to read and told me it says "Wash your hands" so hopefully he will do so!

Go pay their web site a visit and purchase a few for your home and at less then $7.00 each you will be happy you did so!

A big thank you to The Shadle for the opportunity to review their awesome product!

The only compensation received for this review post is a sample of the product. The opinions expressed at my2boyz are those of blog author only. I was given The Shandle for free to conduct my review. The words are all mine and I was not forced to write anything!

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