Monday, January 19, 2009

My name is Susan and I am an addict

I have an addiction...I am not proud to admit it. It is like I am admitting defeat and I need help. I have tried to quit SEVERAL times...I ALWAYS break down and give in to the high. It is just awful for me, it is bad for my skin, my teeth, my hair and especially my waist line.

Ah....sugar how I love thee. You rock my world. I will take you in ANY form. I do however have my preferences. My number one way to indulge in the high is Coke a Cola the real thing. There is nothing quite like the cold bubbly sugar concoction. It is best when put in the freezer for just a bit..ahhh. Be WARNED DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT forget about in the freezer...the result is ugly and quite messy and sticky.

That is not the only way to get it....there is also Skittles, Peanut Butter Cups, Starburst, Take 5, Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream.... gosh the list goes on and on and on and on! Any form of it is acceptable the end result is the same....bliss.

Now I know what you are thinking.....gezz girl you do have a problem!! I do drink Coke everyday but as for the candy and cookies and cake and all the other sugar yummies they are consumed ONLY IF I cannot get a Coke. So now you know my deep dark secret.....I am ashamed...what am I going to do about it??? Good question!

So far day day 3 no Coke, no candy, no sugar and I.AM.DYING! I know I am, I feel it. My body is revolting! My head KILLS me and I am very cranky. And no it is not that time of month! I believe they call it sugar withdrawl and if anyone tells you there is no such thing...punch them for me!

I will get through this...I have to. See there is also another 20 year reunion! UGH 2o years...I feel so old. I have not put on that much weight however I am not in the shape I would like to be!!!!!

I miss you sugar....SO MUCH!!!!


Teri said...

Oh yes, sugar, my secret love. I prefer it in the extra dark chocolate form. Blissful darkness.

Anonymous said...

Three things...
1) Is it the sugar you crave or the caffeine? After a few days without caffeine, any addict will tell you all about the headaches!

2) Coke One. It's hard to believe there actually is a diet product that has that syruppy taste... if you haven't tried it, you should give Coke's sister drink a try... plus they add EXTRA caffeine to it which takes care of #1.

3) Bite-size candy. If you can control the habit to shove the entire bag down in one sitting, these little things are just enough to help with the cravings without too many calories. When I diet, I force myself to exercise with these things - what a great reward!!!

Good luck! PS - I lost 30 lbs before my 20-yr (and nobody even noticed).

my2boyz said...

It is the sugar....I have been drinking coffee. No Coke 1 can not have "fake sugar" it is not good for you worse then sugar and tests show that it does not trick your mind...the brian knows the real thing!!! I guess sugar detox gives you the blues!!! CRAP!!

Finleypotamus said...

I know how you feel... I drink mine in sweet tea form. :) Good luck hon!

Eli's Lids said...

I'm addicted to cookie dough... well not addicted... I mean, I could quit if I WANTED to...

Kristin said...

Hi I'm Kristin! I'm addicted to cupcakes..yup yup!

I'm trying to follow yu but the thing is weird..

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