Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Friday....time for Fx4

What was she thinking???? LOVE Aretha but the hat has been the butt of many jokes since case you missed it!

Wanna play??? Go vist Candid Carrie


jewelstreet said...

But didn't you hear? Orders have been rolling in for those hats. Sure you don't want one?! :)

Susan said...

And did you notice how she paused between syllables when singing? My husband can't stop talking about it... My COUNT.......try tis of thee.... Oh lord. Sorry, but I couldn't help mention it whit your pic and all... ;)

Kenzie☺ said...

I saw that too...It's like something my great aunt would wear.

Ann said...

Did you see Ellen talking about the hat? So funny. It is a pretty crazy hat, that is for sure. What a great topic for Foto Phriday. :)

If you haven't already...check out my yummy Valentine's give-a-way. :D

April said...

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