Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am back

I have been gone almost a month! Where have I been??

Lets start with I went to Montana in late July for my cousin's wedding. When I was there I saw my grandfather for the last time, I knew it was the last time as he was very sick with stage 4 Lymphoma. I left with a VERY heavy heart and a nasty stomach parasite. The parasite took almost a month to get rid of, it was not pretty.

I was in a funk. Sad about my grandfather, missing my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and my grandparent's and sick of being sick, I had nothing I wanted to say or share.

Then I had to go to Montana again, my sweet, wonderful, awesome grandfather passed away on August 25th. I wanted to fly out found a ticket and was ready to go but there was one thing that was in my way, my children were with my parents and they are 8 hours away.
My mom drove the boys up on the 26th and suggested we drive to Montana together. I hesitated for many reasons that I will not get into but I said "sure, sounds fun?". We left my house in Wisconsin on the 26th for our 17 hour venture. It was a long ass drive!!

I am home now and thinking I might have some things I want to say. I am still in a funk but I think writing will help me get out of it. I look forward to "being back and catching up"


Haasiegirl said...

nice to have you back!


Blarney said...

Missed you. Glad you are back. I am in a funk too. Big headache and just want to take a nap right now. Maybe Tuesday's promised sun will help.

Leah said...

You've been tagged!

Check out my site for details!

-Bridget said...

Looking forward to hearing some of the stories.

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