Sunday, September 21, 2008

It could have been worse

So most of you know that I had to go to Montana for my grandfather's funeral a few weeks ago. I am still having a difficult time with all of it. I am still in a funk with blogging.
I promised you all stories because there were plenty but this is one that just plain makes me mad!

This is what happened TWO days after my grandfather passed away....

My brother and Aunt live in Philadelphia and were flying in to Billings together.

My cousin Dawn from Cleveland had arrived earlier in the day and was planning on picking them up from the airport.

She was on her way driving her sister Melissa's car with my Grandmother in the front seat and Melissa's 2 year old daughter in the back.

As she came around the corner she saw headlights coming right at her. She said she screamed and thought she was going to die along with our Grandmother and her niece.

Then bang! Hit almost head on!

This is what she told me the next day.....

First she really thought she had killed everyone in the car. After the impact she realized that they were all OK. She got out dialed 911 and told the operator the driver was obviously drunk.
The 911 operator wanted to know why she thought that
"No sober person drives that way"
Just then the driver, a woman comes up to her asking if everyone was alright. Dawn smells the alcohol from a foot away, tells the operator "Yep she is drunk"
Then the woman had the balls to ask Dawn if she could use her phone to call her boyfriend. WTF?????
Dawn ignored her, called Aunt Eva whose house she was leaving.

Keep in mind this is a day before the funeral and it was 9:30 at night. The ambulance took them all the hospital and they were there until 2:30 am.

My poor cousin was beside herself. She was so upset! And rightfully so. We were all sad about Dzia Dzia and then this! Too much!!!!

So anyway this stupid ass drunk driver who they determined did not even slow down or hit her brakes and was straddling the yellow line got 1 day in jail and a $680 fine. That is it! What is wrong with the laws? SHE WAS DRUNK and choose to get behind the wheel of her car and she gets a little slap on the wrist. She could have killed them.

We are convinced that Dzia Dzia was with them. The car was so mangled that the first responders could hardly believe that there were no serious injuries.

One story down...........


Miss Blondie said...

WOW!! Thank God everyone was alright! I'm appalled that the drunk driver didn't get a harsher penalty! WTF!

Patty said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. That drunk driver should have lost her license and her car. I'm glad that everybody was ok.

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