Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hi All and thank you so much for stopping by my little piece of the Internet! I have been doing Tuesday's Green Tips for almost 9 months now and I have decided to change it to.....Green Tuesday's. Now I know today is Wednesday...I have been a tad under the weather and trying to will myself to feel better. Right now I am pumped up on tea and I just used the Neti pot..icky!

So with that said....I will be posting the Giveaway and review later tonight only because I need to rest for a texting party! What do you ask? Here is the good friend Carlton Thompson is in the top 10 of Milwaukee, WI's version of American Idol. This is huge!!! If he wins he gets to perform at Summerfest the biggest music festival in the WORLD held in Milwaukee WI! Will you vote for him???

Here is how...if you do not live in Milwaukee area you can listen on the web @ 9:00 PM CT on Kiss FM.


Two songs will be played on air during the 9pm (CT) hour with Brett Andrews—“Roots” being one of them. Following the completion of the last song, vote for “Roots” in any of the three following ways

CALL TO: (414) 799-1037

TEXT TO: 68255 (After both songs are played, the DJ will reveal what keyword to text for each contestant IF YOU FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER I WILL TWEET THE KEYWORD!!!!!!

***You may call in and text your vote as many times as possible***

VOTE ONLINE: Voting online requires registration into the KISS Klub. Membership is free! Kiss Klub members will be permitted to vote online once per night.

To become a kiss club member, go to KISS FM and click on the I Want to Register Now link. All you have to do is provide your first and last name and several other bits of information.

Voting closes @ 9:55pm CT

If you do vote let me know!!!! You will get an automatic 10 extra entries to my next Green giveaway that will be posted later tonight!!!!

I am counting on you my blogging peeps!!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

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