Monday, March 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

I think I am sick...No I know I am sick. I have a fever or 100.7 I feel a sinus infection coming on...CRAP. I have a SUPER DUPER busy day at work tomorrow...why am I sick? Why am I blogging when I should be sleeping?

Here are some random thoughts from a sick woman.....

Why does my 5 year old argue with me when I tell him "We absolutely DO NOT have Boy Scout Cookies?"

Why does my husband mess up the bathroom right after I cleaned it? Can't he see how shinny sparkling clean it is? Does he not see that there are NO OTHER ITEMS OF CLOTHING on the floor? Why does he leave his underwear 1 foot from the laundry shoot?

Why has winter been so damn long? It is finally warming up but I live in Wisconsin and do not trust it.

Why does my 11 year old insist on NOT wearing his belt to school when it is part of his uniform? Why does he not understand that I get upset when the teacher is sending home notes saying he is not in uniform?

Why do they have to wear belts as part of the uniform?

Why was Medium a repeat tonight?

and my last thought for the evening...

Why is AIG giving out OUR money to their employees as million dollar bonuses????

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