Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday's Green Tip

Happy Tuesday...yes I am late but give me a break...I do have a job! :)
I have some very exciting things coming to my Tuesday Green Tips.....giveaways! Yes you read that correctly! Next week I will start giving away green products on Tuesdays Green Tip...very excited about this!

On to today's green tip...rain barrels.

Last summer we had a wet spell for a few weeks and it rained so hard and I could think about was catching the rain and using it to water my plants and lawn when we had our dry spell. I went about looking on the web. Found some great ones, some expensive ones too, but was thinking how much it would cost to ship and the impact the shipping would have on the environment. So my hubby said "Lets make our own". We did some research and found this web site.

We have yet to build them but will be doing so when it warms up a bit. The boys are excited to help us. I will do another post when we build them..stay tuned.

Until next week......keep it Green

1 comment:

Seeryus Mama said...

My hubs and I watched a TV show that had these rain well. When we build our house in the next few years, this is one of our plans for the new place!

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