Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh how I LOVE Chicago

Girls weekend was a BLAST. Here is the break down...

Arrive in downtown Chicago at my parent's condo at 4:30 PM. Traffic was not bad at all and I was thankful for that, I hate traffic!

Walk 6 blocks with my suit case to my hotel where my gals were waiting, arrive at 6:00. SLAM 2 cocktails right away out of pure excitement!

At some point, I lost track of time we went to the Drake for cocktails. They were very yummy. We witnessed a lady of the night, so we think, get kicked out of the Drake for not complying with dress code.

Vision this.....a red sequence bikini top/ bra, black spandex carpi pants...she was a bit on the chunky side so it was not pretty. That lovely ensemble was topped off with black Reebok high tops and a black sequence ball cap. She was arguing with hotel security apparently she can not read. It clearly states that there is a dress base ball caps allowed! As we were leaving we saw her again, she was still there this time however security was carrying out her 10 speed bike as she followed!

Before you ask NO I did not get a picture! Boy do I regret that now!

Saturday after a rough night and morning we went on an Architectural river boat tour, yes it was VERY COLD but alas the boat had a bar! Our group wiped them out of Bloody Mary mix.

Saturday night 5:30 we ate a super yummy restaurant Flat Top Grill. Then it was off to Second City for a comedy show and a first hand "how to" be a lesbian from a couple who were not afraid of a little PDA. First I must say I do not care about ones sexuality, I may not agree with it morally but I will not judge you based on that, in fact I have several friends who prefer the same sex. I do however have problem with it being thrown in my face. These two women we going at, it was so embarrassing. We were there with my cousins 86 year old Aunt Betty, man it was awkward! When the show started they stopped and we were all so happy! I would have been just as uncomfortable if were a man and a woman going at it just in case you were wondering. Anyway the show was HILARIOUS!!!! I laughed so hard.

Sunday wake up walk to my parent's condo have bakery and coffee then head home into a snow storm. That was so much fun. I just love driving through a white out. Made it home safe and watched as 6 inches of snow fell.

So there you have my adventures in Chicago, no shopping! I know crazy right??? I am going down again in a few weeks to meet my other couin there, then I will shop!


Miss Blondie said...

When you go back, make sure you have your camera handy!! I swear some people just dont have mirrors in their house!!

Glad you made it back safe through all the snow!!

Geri said...

I agree there's no reason someone needs to be overly affectionate in public. I would have just died if that had been my Aunt seeing it all.

Judy Haley said...

sounds like an awesome trip

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