Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 days and counting

YIPPEE!!!!! in 2 more days I will be headed south to the windy city, Chicago, for a weekend filled with fun and girl stuff!

I can not tell you how exited I am!!! We are going to shop, shop so more and SHOP! Then Saturday we are going to Second City which I am sure will be AWESOME!

I am meeting my cousin from Cleveland there and now that my parents are the newest citizens of Chicago I will be hanging with my mom as well, sorry Dad NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!!

On my way down there I am stopping at the outlet center, YES it will be "Black Friday" and this girl is hoping there are some GREAT sales at the Coach outlet. Then I will head over to the Converse outlet because that is all big guy will wear and he is now in adult size.....49.99 for a pair! They must be cheaper there right????? I hope so!

Then it is off to downtown Chicago for all the fun one can handle!

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Geri said...


My name's Geri. My sister lives in Sun Prairie, WI, and occasionally makes it down to the Windy City to pick someone up flying in for a visit. I was surfing around and find you site and you said you loved comments, so I thought I'd leave one. If you're interested, you can drop by my place at http://www.newrinkles.com. I recently started a blog and am hoping to make a place for people interested in health and wellness. Now, it's a little more than that, so I guess I'll have to prune it. Anyway, good luck with you blog, and I'll have to come back.

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